Should a PSU Fan point Inside or Outside?

I have an HP Pavilion A1730N. Everything is still OEM, and I will be installing a new GeForce card in it. With the card, I need a new PSU. The new PSU (TOPOWER Galaxis GAPS-500MX) has a 140mm fan in the top. The case for this comp has no vent in the top for a PSU fan in that position. (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

Is it better to have the 140mm fan on the PSU (the big one) pointing out the top of the case with access to fresh air, or will it be acceptable to install it upside-down and have the fan pulling air from inside the case? (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

EDIT: This is the fan I'm talking about: the huge 140mm one inside the top of the PSU.
New PSU:

OEM Case External (PSU Mounts in the top rear):

OEM Case Internal:

KUDOS to Newegg for having such awesome, high-res product photos! :)
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  1. the fan doesnt need fresh air.
    and are you saying the rear fan is the psu fan?
    No its not.Its a case fan.All psu come with their own fans.The fan sucks and pulls away heat from the psu.

    Correct me if i am wrong about your question.
  2. And dont purchase TOPOWER psu.Its junk, it can fry your hardware.
  3. ghnader hsmithot said:
    the fan doesnt need fresh air.
    and are you saying the rear fan is the psu fan?
    No its not.Its a case fan.All psu come with their own fans.The fan sucks and pulls away heat from the psu.
    Correct me if i am wrong about your question.

    No, I'm talking about the huge 140mm fan that takes up most of the top on aftermarket PSUs. OEM PSUs don't have a huge fan like that.

    The big green fan:

    ghnader hsmithot said:
    And dont purchase TOPOWER psu.Its junk, it can fry your hardware.

    Thank you, yeah, I'm still iffy on this PSU. What would you recommend for a 350-500W PSU? I can only go $30-$40 on this. Yeah, I'm poor. :(
  4. OEM should have fans but smaller ones heating is not likely to happen when you have junk in your pc which most OEMs opt for.

    What gpu do you want to buy?We must know the requirements first, however if you are looking for a 450w~500w then my recommendations are as belows:
  5. What GPU do you want to get?Without the gpu we cant properly give you a recommendation.
  6. Thank you for the PSU suggestions. The GPU is going to be an XFX GeForce GT 240 512mb card. Unlike high-end GPUs, it does NOT require an extra power connection other than what it gets from the PCIe x16 slot.
  7. Best answer
    Ok, the 'green' fan you see on that picture, should be facing inside the case
    its sucks air from inside the case and exhausts it from the grill at the rear, you meantion mounting it upside down, the original picture you posted, that psu IS upsidedown in relation as to how you would mount it in your case,
    and as Ghnader says, we need to know your intended graphics card before suggesting a suitable rated psu,
    **Edit, you posted as I did :)
  8. alright give us your entire specs.
  9. +1 to hsmithot recs, for the CORSAIR Builder Series CX500
  10. And the above PSU will be more than enough for your system with that XFX GeForce GT 240 512mb.

    HP Pavilion A1730N

    AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4600+
    • 2.4GHz, 512KB+512KB L2 Cache, 2000MHz System Bus
    Operating system installed
    Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium
    GeForce 6150 LE/nForce 430 Chipset
    Standard memory
    Memory type
    Memory slots
    4 DIMM (240-pin, DDR2) (two available)
    Internal drives
    Internal hard disk drive
    Hard disk controller
    Serial ATA hard drive
    Hard disk drive speed
    (7200 rpm)
    Optical drive type
    SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology
    Optical drive speed
    16x DVDR, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R DVD+R DL, 4x DVD-R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 16x DVD-ROM, 40x CDR, 32x CDRW, 40x CD-ROM
    System features
    Memory card device
    9in1 memory card reader
    Network interface
    Ethernet 10/100BT integrated network interface
    Video adapter
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
    Video RAM
    128MB dedicated graphics memory. Up to 399MB Total Available Graphics Memory as allocated by Windows Vista™
    Internal audio
    High Definition Audio, 8 speaker configurable
    HP multimedia keyboard
    External drive bays
    1 external 3.5" (occupied) , 1 internal 3.5" (occupied)
  12. HP Pavilion A1730N

    Running WinXP Home, NOT Vista

    A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) Motherboard
    nVidia 430 chipset with integrated GeForce 6150LE
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (Dual Core 2.6ghz)
    2gb DDR2-533Mhz RAM (1.8V)
    1 PCIe v1.0 x16 slot
    ST3320820AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATA 3.0Gb/s 320gb HDD
    Samsung SH-S183L / TS-H653L DVD-RW/CDROM-RW
    1 CPU fan
    1 Case fan

    NO extra peripherals or PCI cards.

    Is there any way I can tell how much power my system configuration is pulling from the PSU? (in watts, of course)
  13. You can build your system into a psu calc, it will tell you what it 'needs' roughly
    like that one for instance, you can also build a prospective upgrade into it and see if your psu will manage ok,
  14. i think you might not need a change in psu.The gt 240 doesnt need independant power to work.
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  16. Thank you for B.A. , Glad we could help you
  17. @ Obsidian_ShadowHawk
    I would warn against installing it in your HP. Aren't all HP/ Dell / Sony computers too prorietary to install a standard ATX Power supply into them? That was my experience at least with an old dell dimension. Pin outs on the main atx connector were different. DVD/CD, RAM, HDD are all fine but motherboards and power supplies usually are prorietary.

    And to answer your question, the BIG fan in the top should point down onto your motherboard so that it sucks air from inside your case and out the back end helping cool the whole system. All rear fans on the case should suck and exhaust air out the back as well.
  18. The vast majority of OEM PCs nowadays use standard ATX PSUs (with, of course, the exception of small form factor PCs).

    I'd go with this OCZ 600W
    It has very good thorough reviews better than the CX500:
    If you are planning on the CX series, I suggest the CX430 or CX600 simply because the CX600 is $5 more than the CX500 and actually more than 100W more power. The CX500 is a less conservative estimate of how much power it can provide so I'd be more comfortable with the CX600's headroom. At $5 more, it's worth it to me. But once again, I'd get that OCZ since it's better than "cheap" Corsairs.

    Also, FYI: If you have a bottom mounted PSU, then both fans are usually on the exterior.
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