Apple is offering 21.5 inch iMac with i5 2.5Ghz or 2.7Ghz. Which one to opt for?


After burning my time with unreliable Desktops in recent past [Read: Few vendors have got the latest mix right]. I want to try Apple iMac as official Desktop. Running both Windows7 (using Bootcamp or Parallels) and OS X.

Usage on daily basis comprises of heavy MS Office use (making presentations, involving good amount of multimedia) and heavy internet surfing (least 15 tabs open at a given time).

As it is official and there is no requirement for 27 inch thus I am stuck with choice of Apple is offering 21.5 inch iMac with i5 2.5Ghz or 2.7Ghz. Which one to opt for? What is the 2.5 Ghz chip? 2.7 is the 2500S chip with TDP rating of 45 making it good for on the desktop/all in one use. I hope it does not get hot and start blushing red ;)

Please help with the choice. This is my first iMac buying experience. I am in India.

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  1. I too agree, but maintaining windows 7 is a tough scenario, maybe I should try Ubuntu.

    Kindly let me know a good configuration for my mentioned usage.

    I want a noiseless yet powerful machine for preparing nice multimedia presentations and heavy Internet usage.

    Thank you!
  2. The 2.5GHz is a 2400S and perfectly fine for what you are wanting to do as is the graphics card and the 4GB of memory. Depending on what else you do with your system the big downside might be only having 500GB of internal storage.
  3. You don't need a mac or even a quad core CPU based PC for working with MS Office and internet. Any modern PC with a good Dual Core CPU and adequate RAM will do.
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