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Alright, I have two questions:

I have two WD SATA Hard Drives (500 GB & 640 GB each)
Plus an 80 GB IDE HDD which i use for booting.
My DVD RAM drive is IDE as well.
GPU is MSI 9500GT

1 - What rating of power supply should i get to safely handle this load? (Mainly the HDD's & the DVD RAM)

2 - What should be the Jumper settings here?

Somehow, if I set the IDE HDD as master, the system does not like it.. and varies from not booting to not showing the SATA HDD's & the IDE DVD.

The motherboard in question is the old MSI k96gm

Thanks a lot.
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  1. If this is all you want to do, a 300 watts PSU will serve you well. Regarding the jumper settings, try Cable Select (CS).
  2. make sure the CD/DVD and HDD aren't both set Master!
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