Graphics card died, can I run a ~GTS 450

Hello, probably later today I'll head to this shop:

Currently, my computer is roughly like this:

430w PSU
AMD Athlon x2 6000+
Asus M3A motherboard

So a bit old, but it's working fine. Plan to upgrade most of it probably next year but for now need a graphics card.

The one that died was an 8600 GT, and after reading several posts in here (and that handy chart of card hierarchy which I've lost) I narrowed it down to (from that page):

EVGA GT240 $109
EVGA GTS 450 $165
XFX HD5750/5670 $159 or so

So yeah budget would be around $150. I'm aware I may need a new power supply but that should be ok too.

The most taxing things I'll be doing with it would be Bad Company 2 (don't care about uber max graphics, it plays fine on low, but I'm looking to bump it to at least medium or so) and Mafia 2.

Don't know a tonnnnnnnnnnn about computers but I'll try and get any info I can (although dead computer doesn't help)

ninja edit; also about the CPU 'bottlenecking' the system, my main concern now is to get the computer running, even if it is bottlenecked. Plan to upgrade the CPU later anyway

also edit; monitor is 1920x1200, although most games I play at lower resolution if that makes a difference (BC2 on 1200x768 or something like that)

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  1. You might be able to run a GTS 450 with that power supply, but 500 watts is recommended for a "normal" system. It depends on your overall system power demands.
  2. If the 450 would be cutting it close with the power supply, the GT240 would be fine?

    I'm not against buying a better psu either... is there any downside to having more than is probably necessary?
  3. The power consumotion on al lthose cards is pretty low and i'm sure you could run any of them with 430 watt psu.Only question is is what type of PSU it is and what kind of condition it is in.So what is the make and model of your current psu?

    Their is no downside to having more power than you need,it would probably be better for your future build and a future corssfire/sli.
  4. It's probably about 2 years old, same model that came with the case, but a newer one case the first one died. Thermaltake XP550NP.


    Called the place and talked to a guy who basically agreed with most of it, he said he probably wouldn't totally recommend the 450 with my psu, either way, I'm getting a GTS450 but a new 550w psu. As well as some more RAMbo.

  5. I would reccomend going with the 5670,it would still get bottlenecked but it wuld be capable with running med. settings.The biggest problem you have is the CPU, BFBC2 requires a lot of CPU and GPU performance.If your up to it a 5770 would be a better option and it would be great for a future build as well.Playing that game with 1080p resoution will also put a big strain on the graphics card.



    Depending on your current PSU,you might have to upgrade it to use the 5770.
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