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i have recently bought a 460gtx and was wondering if i could use my old 4770 as a dedicated physx card. I remember reading somewhere that you could get a patch in order to use physx on a ati card and was wondering if i coudl then use it as a second dedicated physx card....thanks
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  1. Sorry... Only nVidia cards support PhysX. If you had a new HD Radeon card and an old nVidia card such as a 9800GT, then yes, you could.

    The idea is that your primary card runs your graphics all on its own, except when PhysX is turned on and then ONLY PhysX processes are sent to the secondary card.
  2. nope you cant run physx on ati cards

    what they meant propably is that you can have ati as your main gpu and then a (slow) nvidia to do the physx stuff. But this needs hacked drivers since nvidia blocked it from their drivers
  3. I assume you could do the same thing with a newer nVidia card as your primary and an older nVidia card as a stand alone PhysX card. Though I don't know what the point of that would be.
  4. i have two 4770's do you think it would be worthwhile to crossfire them and use the 460 as a dedicated physx card?or would i not see any benifet from it?
  5. Not sure. I doubt it would be worth it. Though I would be interested in seeing the benchmarks.

    Does anyone know of any 4770 Crossfire benchmarks?
  6. Looking here you can compare 460 and CF 4770 benchmark totals.. Now consider that the standalone physX card is only going to benefit you when PhysX is turned on and you can begin to imagine that the overall benefit is likely going to be quite small. But if you are like me, it would be fun to try for a few days.
  7. The blind leading the blind. /facedesk

    Just stick with the GTX460 and if you are that desperate for a dedicated card then sell your 4770 and buy a cheap GT240/GT430.
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