Converted server gaming machine. Need part.

Approximate Purchase Date: Today, if possible 2/17/2011

Budget Range: about $50 'out the door' (after instant rebates, discounts, etc, but before any mail in)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (WoW, DDO, that kind of stuff. No Oblivion), home photo editing, movies, surfing, yatta yatta yatta...

Parts Not Required: power supply (unit has twin 585 watt power supplies, so no concern), sound, mother board, CPU, RAM, HDD... Know what, I'll make it easy. I ONLY need a video card for this unit. have gotten most of what I need for the thing.

Preferred Website for Parts: any/none... as long as it's in the budget, I'll go there

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: PCI or PCI-x. No PCI-e. I'd rather not spend 50 just for the new riser

Overclocking: Probably not, but it's not outside the realm of possibility

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1600x1050

Additional Comments: Current unit is as follows: IBM X336 Eserver 1u rack server. 8g ram. Sound Blaster Audigy2 sound card. Twin dual-core 3.0 processors. 2 PCI-x slots, one reg one low profile. Monitor is a 19" TV I got from wallyworld.
Video is just the on board. I need info on a PCI video card that is known good with servers in general, and with THIS server specifically if possible.
The last one i got is probably a bad video card, but PNY whines that it's not compatible with any form of server. <insert thick India accent> I've never know any of our video cards to work with any server unit <end thick India accent>.
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  1. I doubt you're going to find a good PCI or PCI-x video card. I'm not an expert of server stuff, but I doubt you're going to be able to run most games at 1600x1050 with good settings without PCI-e. I know that's not necessarily the helpful answer, but it's the best I can offer. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong about this.
  2. Yes jale said it best PCI cards are garbage but if you must get one *I do not recommend it*
  3. $90 for that?!! Facepalm... $20 is too much for that outdated contraption.
  4. as we said before PCI is crap...If we could convince you to use PCIe and you have good cooling MAYBE this would do you some justice
  5. Thing is, I wouldn't have an issue with a PCI-e (actually have a PCI-e x16 that WOULD be nice in it if i had the riser for it) if it weren't for the fact that every IBM compatible PCI-e riser had either been an x8 or 20 before shipping... then another 20-30 for shipping. Hence why I've been looking for the PCI.
    Besides, a PCI card with a 400 mhz core clock is less pathetic in a 133 mhz clock speed PCI-x bus than a 33-66 mhz PCI bus.
    Also, since i didn't think of it at first, the card has to be one of the ones that has a thin fan (or has a heat sink no larger than said thin fan) it's a 1u rack-mount server
    Cooling is far from a problem, thing has like 12 of those mini-jet fans that puts out as much cooling power at the huge 6" square super fans in a 1" cube unit (sounds like a small jet is sitting on my desk when it kicks to full power)
    As to the resolution settings, that really isn't a big deal, I just tossed out a random res setting.
  6. The point still stands: PCI just isn't going to offer you any sort of worthwhile performance. This is one of those instances where I don't think there's much you can do aside from building a new PC if you want any sort of significant performance boost.
  7. It's not so much that i need a performance BOOST so much as performance to begin with. My 'current' gaming machine is my laptop, 1.6 ghz, 4g ram, and an on board 256 ATI-Radeon Mobility GPU.
    I realize a PCI card doesn't offer as much as a PCI-e, but I have two major issues:
    1) I don't have the budget for a whole new system, in fact I lucked out that didn't realize that the server i bought was a twin dual-core, rather than the advertise twin single-core it was marked as. Got it for 150.
    2) I can't seem to find either a riser card for the blasted thing or a PCI-x to PCI-e bridge of any kind.
    Put a thread up on the Other Components subcat of the CPU and Components topic set and, despite pictures showing the part I have and asking about a similar unit, but Express rather than Extended, everyone that's posted a reply keeps giving me a PCI-e to PCI-e 90 degree riser. Not helpful when this particular unit doesn't have a PCI-e slot on it to start with.
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