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I am trying to put together a new configuration for web development and video editing. Most of the 2600 discussions understandably have been about EyeFinity or gaming. I dont need a gaming machine but I would like to support 3 monitors, each with minimum HD resolution. Im looking at the I7 2600 P67 with a Gigabyte UD7 MB. What would I need to do that? Can I leverage the onchip graphics, etc. (I am aware of the recall and am specing this out for after the MBs have been fixed.)

Thanks. SB
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  1. You would probably need to get a secondary video card to act as your primary video for two monitors (some even support three in themselves). Theoretically, yes, for the third, you could use the on board card for the third, but be mindful that no matter what you put in as an expansion video, your on board video will only operate at what ever capacity your on board video has the ability to run at. If the on board barely does 32 bit color and can only go to 800x600 res (assuming that you have the right drivers for it) then that's all it will ever be capable of. Google vid cards and you'll get about a billion results

    You may even have to/wish to relegate to the idea of getting a good single-output card and adding in an external unit such as this one: http://www.studica.com/us/en/Matrox/matrox_triplehead2go_analog_edition.html to turn your single good output into three.
  2. Currently only the H67 chipset allows you to use Sandy Bridge's IGP. If you plug a discrete graphics card into an H67 chipset motherboard the IGP is automatically disabled. You only have the choice of using the IGP alone without a discrete graphics card or only the discrete graphics card, but not both.

    Three displays using the IGP with Windows 7 may meet your needs for the web development portion.

    If you need hardware accelerated video editing (GPU transcoding) then your only choice is discrete graphics card(s).
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