Will an ATI 9550 or a 9600 work better?

gigabyte ga-8irxp motherboard
pentium 4 cpu, no hyperthread
1gb memory

i currently have the 9600 with 64mb ram in it
the 9550 has 256mb

i want to know which of the two cards will be better in this computer.

would the 9550 because it has more memory?
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  1. They both use the RV350 core. The 9600 is clocked higher. Neither card would be able to utilize the full 256MB of RAM. Not really a worthwhile purchase in my opinion.
  2. yes i forgot mention this is an older computer of mine and i have both cards already. i don't know if the higher clocked memory would be better than having a bit more.
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    They can use 256mb of vram however it wouldn't improve performance much. Can't stand people who spread bad info when it comes to tech in general such as saying that it can't use this or that when it is already there. <_< FTF ppl not so lol

    Both cards are fairly weak and the 64mb card isn't going to be much use any longer except for just old games and apps along with basic 2D. You might as well look for something much better like a 6600GT or a 6800GT that has 256mb or better if nvidia. However you could rub a little money together for a 4650 agp which is modern and up to date plus it is much better than any thing before except for the 38x0 agp series.
  4. OK thanks much for the quick reply and i'll take that into mind ! :)
  5. Sure NP, if you aren't playing any games but just using it for other stuff like watching movies or just searching online then use the one with the most memory.
  6. The 9550 will obviously be better, but what yo need is a whole new PC.
  7. This isnt my primary computer. This is a somewhat of an entertainment machine, so i will be watching videos/movies, and light gaming (the original Forgotten Hope).

    i'm looking to optimize this one for free since i know it's too old to really upgrade. i will most likely end up using the 9550 because of the more memory.
  8. For retro games and just streaming SD content it will do just fine. DX6-8 era titles will be like warm cream or butter on even that card so long the rest of the system is at least a second generation p4, HT didn't come till later. A p4 does still some useful life even now hell for just basic web surfing a p3 would do but barely. For apple a G3 would be rock bottom. G4 and G5 still got a few years. As for upgrading it depends on how you are looking at the machine. If it is of any value to you for any reason such as backup or spare it might still be worth it to upgrade a little of it given that if the upgrades are cheap and the money is disposable even though that isn't the case any more with 30% of the population is barely handing on or already unemployed.
  9. i've got a little cash to upgrade, but i'm looking first in my box of old parts.
    as for the processor i couldnt tell you what generation, i pulled it out of a trashed computer and merely compared it with the motherboard manual.

    Yes, i will alse be backing files onto here, since i have a few old 100gb hdd's in the box.
  10. Sounds good to me hell a few years ago I had a old IBM 386 :whistle: One thing though be sure to get HD tune when you setup that machine to check the drives in case there is any thing bad such as spin retry count or re located sector count before moving any thing on to those drives. One thing about older machines is that the drives do go bad if they have received a lot of use during their time. If they got less than lets say 6000 hours each and nothing is in yellow or red then you are good. A typical drive might survive up to 20,000 hours of use before failure. The most that I have seen in person was a old 15gb quantum fireball that had a astonishing 43,000 hours and still passed smart test. :sleep:
  11. wow! Thanks, i'll be sure to thoroughly check those drives out.
  12. The problem I see here is that the P4 without hyperthreading will bottleneck an HD 4650. What you should be looking at instead is changing the mobo, CPU and RAM. If you get a motherboard with a Radeon HD 3300 as the on-board chip, it will be a better performer than the 9550 which is even older than the old X-series. :sol:
  13. nah, 4650 is a low end card goodm enough for HD playback and only decent for light gaming, I don't think it'll bottleneck. Even more considering it's the AGP version
  14. well i do have a 4650 in yet another of my old computers that i have on hand. However, i was looking to optimize this certain computer without buying anything. I have a Pentium 4 with the hyperthreading but its an LGA and the GA-8irxp is a PGA socket. i don't have another motherboard with an LGA socket, so i'm going to leave it as it is and probably just use the 9550. Thanks for your input however.
  15. Just enjoy or make use of your machine any way you wish and don't bother with the rich millionaire brats here. I got a old compaq with a 1.4ghz p3 that I am thinking of upgrading for retro and it served well over the summer as a backup when one of the machines failed.
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