Hardware update (help needed)

hi all at toms, i have a bit of a situation and i am not sure what gfx solotion to go for.

what i a have
- evga 790i mobo
- 9800gtx+
- corsair 750 power suply
- q6600

possible upgrades
- buy another 98800gtx+ on ebay and sli that with my current card (£50)
- sell my card for £50 and buy a gtx295 for around £160

other thoughts
- i only play cod black ops, so the system is geared for playing that game only
- all settings high (maxed out)
- i am going to play on 23" lg monitor at a 1920 x 1080 (high definition) res
- i have always wanted to try sli
- i have the money for the gtx 295 but that doesnt mean i want to spend it.
- i am going to overclock the hole system on air cooling

thanks to all replies in advance

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  1. Well, add another 9800GTX+ is a cheaper way to get more performance.
    But 9800GTX+ is getting old and rare, it's not suited for long term range. And do not get GTX295, that's a power hog card and can get hot pretty fast.
    may I suggest you? I think you'll better sell your 9800GTX+ and get single powerful card like GTX460.
  2. this is the issue i am having like most other users, there is always the next card up in the price range that you could go for.

    i think 2 x 9800gtx+ in sli would run black ops well at 1920 x 1080 and would be the cheapest solotion right now.

    on ebay there is only a £15 - £25 difference between the gtx295 and gtx460 so whitch one would yo go for?
  3. GTX295 is faster than GTX460, but considering GTX295 is an old tech and power hog card, runs pretty hot too then I would choose GTX460.
    You can add another GTX460 later in the future...
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