No sound from 2.1 videos on XBox 360 using X-FI


My setup is the following:

Xbox 360 with VGA cable, optical cable output hooked up to X-FI Platinum optical input on front bay. I can get audio (5.1) on games, DVDs and video files with 6 channel audio configuration. However, in 2.1 videos such as the Xbox 360 intro when turning it on, videos from the Zune marketplace or any 2 channel video file I place on the hard drive or a USB drive, won't produce any sound. However, if I hook up the RCA (white+red) audio cables that are on my VGA Xbox cable to the auxiliary input in my X-FI, I do have sound. I would use this setup with both optical and RCA cables connected to X-FI, however in 5.1 sources such as the Dashboard or any 5.1 game or video, I get duplicate sounds from both audio cables which is annoying.

I tested this on my home theater receiver with optical cable being the only audio cable coming out of my 360, and worked perfectly. So, it's not my 360, its the X-Fi which in some way is not detecting 2 channel sound from video files. I have looked for all possible settings on my Win7 configuration and can find nothing. Interesting point, music files do play through optical cable on my X-Fi.

So, is there any way for X-Fi to detect the stereo audio source from 360 through the optical cable when playing videos of this nature?

I'm running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, freshly installed a day ago with up to date drivers.
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  1. Based on the fact it works for a HT system and for RCA, I think that the Optical output is sending out a Dolby Digital signal, which teh X-fi can NOT decode. As such, any audio that uses Dolby Digital instead of uncompressed 2.0 will not output properly.

    A quick way to test would be to use the SPDIF out of the soundcard to a HT system [which can decode Dolby] and see if you get audio out of the HT system.
  2. So keep 360 hooked to X-FI and get another optical to HT? Or test PC to HT on its own?

    My other option...getting a cheap receiver.
  3. And darn, why would X-FI decode 5.1 and not the digital stereo? I switched 360 to output Digital Stereo and it wouldn't read it either.
  4. Not a dolby thing then...Its probably a codec problem, but I'm unfamiliar if what the 260 decodes audio wise prior to sending the audio signal out.

    So keep 360 hooked to X-FI and get another optical to HT?


    I'm basically trying to see if its a decoding problem [in which case, the HT should be able to play everything], or if something else is messed up somewhere in the chain.
  5. Hmm don't think I will be able to do it. HT/Receiver is far away from computer and 360. It would be tough. If sound would come from HT after what you suggested, what would be the next step?

    And if sound doesn't come out of HT, what would be the next step then?
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