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GTX 470 Fermi superclocked VS HD 5770|14-150-447^14-150-447-TS%2C14-130-550^14-130-550-TS

Click ^ for more info about the two GPU

So I was planning to buy the 470 but THIS HD5770 caught my eye

There's a big difference between the price - but the only difference between the specs is the effective memory clock, memory type and memory interface, core clock.

Can anyone help? Any advice would be great!

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  1. I almost think your kidding ?
    This answer assumes your not.
    There are reviews that put the gtx 470 very close to 2 X 5770 or 5770 in crossfire.
    That means a gtx 470 is about 80% faster than the hd 5770.
  2. I'm not kidding, I'm just dumb :)

    So I guess your saying that gtx 470 is faster and more better?

    Cuz the coreclock of the xfx is higher than the nvidia and the memory of nvidia is 2/3x as high as the xfx one so I'm dumbfounded about it.
  3. what are the rest of your system specs. The gtx470 requires a good quality 550wPSU or better. What is your current PSU/cpu/motherboard?? Also what resolution is your monitor. If you have a low res monitor and/or a low end CPU, the gtx470 may add no benefit for the money.
  4. Yes the info 2Crowe asked about would help. If you have a good case, one that allows for good air flow , a cooler environment. The gtx 470 is a excellent deal at its current reduced prices. It launched back in April at 349.00 dollars.
    Its like a high performance engine in a car in some ways. It can run hot and in turn 'loud' because the fan ramps up to cool the card.

    Also what monitor resolution are you running and what is your current gpu.
  5. PSU 750w corsair
    CPU i7 nehalem 2.66ghz 1st ver.
    motherboard : gigabyte ex58-Ud4p
    Resolution is 1920 x 1080

    thanks for the reply, I'm currently using a gtx 260 and sadly, there's no HDMI for it just HDTV (not sure the difference, but I know there's a big difference between the two) if you have a different gpu to recommend please do :)

    and I don't mind the loud sounds cuz I use a noise-cancel headset, actually I'm used to it because my 260 just couldn't run games in low temp without its" homebrewed stuff" and having it on 100 fan - the fan is really loud X_X

    - I heard there's a new one that came out - 570? It's a $100 more and some say its 20% faster... though I'm baffled cuz I really don't know anything about GPUs atm.
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    The gtx 570 is a very powerful card.
    I guess YOU have to decide your price range.
    You have the PSU/ computer to take advantage of most any video card.

    Alternatives to the gtx 470 is the gtx 570 and the AMD 6950@ 300.00

    They are nice upgrades to a gtx 260. Almost 60% fps
  7. Seems its the i7 920, your cpu. And PSU is also very good. For anybody to recommend you, your price range to spend on graphic cards is important. If the price is not an issue, go with the GTX 570. Its really a good deal, but I think a GTX 470 or a superclocked 460 FTW edition will do you good at that resolution. 5770 will not give you HUGE improvements over the GTX 260.
  8. yea I have a budget issue but I can buy both - I'm just thinking if 470 is a good investment for 2 more years or 3 or 570 is a good investment for 4 years or 5, cuz I bought 260 just because I haven't had enough money before and I regret buying it. It's not a bad card, just not good enough for me.

    But if I were to buy a 570 will it work on my psu?
  9. A GTx 470 superclocked+ will be much better than hd 5770,it is even better than hd 5830 and 5850.
  10. This must be a big joke, your answer is here:
  11. What is your budget? If I had $350, there is no question I would get the GTX570 and be happy for the foreseeable future playing any game with full maxed out details.
  12. for 2 years+ i really recommend the GTX 570.
  13. Thanks for the replies! I got the answer I needed :)
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