Newly built no monitor feed!

Hey guys, I recently posted about components and got very good advice from people so I'm hoping for some luck on this one as well.

As of right now I have

Asrock extreme 3 gen 3
i7 2600 processor
2 x 4gb DDR3 Corsair XMS3 RAM
Sapphire Radeon 6850
650W PS
80gb SSD intel

I think i've plugged everything in correctly and I've been searching for answers. All the case fans and the heatsink fan, and vid card fan at least there's power. I took someone's advice online that I should unplug all the RAM to see if the mobo beeps, which it didn't. The motherboard didn't make any noise when I turned on the computer. I'm pretty damn sure the power has been connected to it correctly... Is my MOBO broken? or is my Processor broken?

This is my first computer so please help!!

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  1. Where have you connected the monitor?
    First time you boot it up, you might need to connect it to the rear I/O Panel DVI or D-Sub port.
    Thru it you can change the Display order in the Bios and set it to the PCIe (Radeon 6850) if for some reason it might not have taken it up automatically.
  2. I treid connecting the monitor to both the motherboard and the vid card, it didn't work. I found the problem, actually. It's quite embarrassing that I didn't even plug the CPU power chord correctly. After fixing my 2 problems (CPU powerchord and switching my RAM to the 2 slots FURTHER away from the CPU), the motherboard started up.

    Thanks for your help!!
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