6870 & PSU

I'm trying to get a Radeon 6870 and a Good PSU for around $250.

This PSU will have to abel to run:
Phenom ii x4 965B.E.
Gigabyte 770T-USB3
4G DDR3 1333Mhz
Apevia 500 Watt
Radeon HD 5570
Samsung 20"

Can it be done?Both a PSU and 6870 for $250?
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  1. What about this card..
    PowerColor 6870
    $200 after MIR

    Is it possible to find a quality PSU for under $50 that can handle a crossfire 6870 setup?
  2. And i might be able to get another $30($280 in total) so i think i might be able to make it work what do u think?
  3. What, CF certified PSU for just $50? Not even close, do not cheap out on PSU, that's the most important thing inside your PC.
    Also, many bad reviews of PowerColor card, look, $200 for that card and you can see the other brand are about $250...
  4. Thinking of a 6850 the Asus version so i can O.C. it.

    And this Seasonic 520watt

    The 12/v rail looks a little weak.Can it run x2 6850's in crossfire?
    What do u think?
  5. 40A on 12V rail, yes, you can run dual HD6850 with that PSU.
  6. DO you think the best bang for my buck in the situtaion would be the 6850,i often think of the 460gtx to be the same, but i favor ati personally.
  7. Going from HD5570 to HD6850 is a GREAT BIG JUMP performance and I'm pretty sure you can maxed out almost everything on 20" monitor, no need CF 2xHD6850, one of them is more than enough. :)
    HD5850>HD6850. But 6xxx series gives you higher minimum fps and CF-scaled more better than 5xxx series...
  8. Yes i know the gap is HUGE.I only ask because maybe a year from now i will crossfire another and i wanted to not spend money on a new PSU.Better it be fully capable now.
  9. Yes, it's enough for dual HD6850.
  10. Actually what do you think of this instead?

    Looks great to me but looks can be decieveing.

    I wanted to get a new case so i could fit my new ZEROTHERM| ZT-10D RT after market cooler i just bought.My psu mount is on the top in my current case and i won't be able to fit any type of cooler expect liquid cooled.
  11. Rosewill?
    Hmm, i think you can go with that one, even that brand is not the best. 54A on 12V rail is so promising...
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