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So i built my first pc about a few months ago, a few problems but its all good now. The specs are : MSI 785gtm-e45, phenom 9850 x4 oc'd to 2.9, 500 gb 7200 western digital black, 1tb lp 5900rpm, 4gb 800 mhz ddr2, and an evga 460 gtx SC EE. Everything is good but it bottlenecks my 460 gtx and i been saving up to upgrade my cpu/board/ram. I have about 250 bucks to spend for those 3 parts. Should I save up more or is 250 enough, i am looking for amd since intel is out of my price range. The most system intensive game i play is Call of Duty: black ops, I got a stable 60 fps inside and it can drop to 40 fps when i get outside with max settings, vsync and 1920x1080. But now i will be playing at 1440x900 res since i returned the monitor. Any ideas what i should get would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. at 1440x900, I dont think there is a bottleneck. I believe you will be fine on the new monitor. if u do want to upgrade, maybe get a new cpu, some good phenom II. no need for new mobo and ram, u can use what u have now for a year or two.
  2. ddr2 wont bottleneck an phenom 2 955? cuz i cant afford ddr2 gaming ram but ddr3 i can do.
  3. u wont see a big difference if u change ram. ddr3 is good if u have new platform (intel x58/p55/p67, amd 890/880/870) and newer cpu (i3/i5/i7 or phenom II). but 4GB ddr2 800Mhz is also fine. just change cpu. keep your money for future upgrades.

    look at this chart: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/phenom-x4-955,2278-10.html
    the RAM difference in gaming is very small.
  4. Yeah i run games fine right now just a lil lag when *** starts blowing up, ill probably save up and go all out in the future
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