ATI 5770 and 400 W power supply

Hello, I'm building a computer and right now all i need to get is a GPU. But i'm not sure what to go with. At first I was thinking 5670 but then i thought if i go up to 5750 or 5770 I wouldn't have to upgrade for a while. So with this system what should I go with 5670, 5750, or 5770?

AMD Phenom II x3
Antec 400 W continuous 12v-30A
4gb ddr3 gskill
7200 rpm hard drive
cd reader/writer dvd reader
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  1. Yeah thats what I've seen from ATI but i've heard from a bunch that you can because the 5770 under load is at 108 W and the 5750 somewhere around 80 W so about only a fourth of the power supply limit. Then the processor at max near 130 W. But wasn't sure what everything else would need so still not sure. But thanks:)

    edit: And using newegg's which power supply thing it said my systems recommended is 386 W I think so i'm not sure, heard so many different things.
  2. Well what ATi does is give a general "our butts are covered" recommendation. Yes, the cards will likely run on a 400W PSU but it will push the PSU and possibly reduce its life. Also, ATi knows that no-name PSUs that come with cases and brand-in-a-box desktops don't actually put out as much power as they claim. In addition to that, PSUs put out less juice as they get older so that's also taken into account. Their recommendation is meant to simply be a "worst-case" scenario recommendation because they know that if you try in something that isn't a worst-case scenario, it will work. From what you're telling me, it sounds like the 5750 will be fine but I don't believe it. The 5770 and 5750 both use the same GPU with a simple clock difference. I can't see it being a 25% reduction in power use though. I could be wrong but I'd verify those numbers with a website like Sapphire or XFX before going ahead with it. :sol:
  3. Thanks for the reply and that makes sense. The numbers were from review on here,2446-2.html . So I thought it would be pretty safe. If those numbers are true then would only the 5750 work you think or also the 5770?
  4. HD5770 will work just fine on Antec 400W PSU, but that's pushing the limit.
    You'll be more safe with HD5750. 30A on 12V rail in 400W PSU is great. :)
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