Which card is needed for crysis warhead?

Now I am planning to buy a gtx 460 for my sytem.I wanted to play the game at 35 plus frames but one of my friend states that in the case of crysis warhead to get 35 plus frames the gtx 460 can play the game at high(gamer) settings.So I just wanted to confirm whether it was true before buying that card.My current card is a Sparkle Geforce GTX 260 1792MB Vram.With this card I could maxed out the game with 2XAA except for shader setting which I had to dial down to gamer as my card ran out of power.Now if I buy a gtx 460 will it maintain 35 plus frames with the game maxed out including shaders which is the most demanding setting in crysis.My other specs are

Intel core i7-920
500W PSU
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-460-gf104-fermi,2684-8.html
    Keep in mind those are average framerates.
    Seems to favor ATI big time, better get a 5850. This one is roughly the same price as a 460 1GB.
  2. urm sorry but I have been an nvidia fan my whole life and only want to buy an nvidia card.My question is that to get 30plus frames on my curent setup I had to push shaders down to gamer for my current card.So will I have to do the same with a gtx 460?
  3. There are the benches. See for yourself. Crysis is probably the second-most-demanding game ever made, and even modern cards have a hard time. According to that bench the 460 1GB averages 25fps at max with 4xAA...
  4. If those benches are true then you need more than GTX460 to play Crysis at max setting.
    Monitor resolution?
    PSU-What brand? model?
  5. He said his res was 1680x1050
  6. Ah, my bad... Miss read that one, thanks jryan...
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