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Trust me I would never ask this unless i really really had to. Are there any PCI vga cards that will work in Windows 7 32 bit. Trying to figure out a situation for my boss and there is no way around it. The only other option is to have buy an entirely separate machine but he is leaning away from that.


PS: I purchased the ATI Rage XL and almost got it working. The onboard output is fine but the other monitor is stuck at the "Starting Windows" screen and the OS won't recognize the card
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  1. 9400 or 9500gt would be the newest ones and have ensured compatibility with win7.
  2. no hd 4670s are out you should get them.
  3. PCI, right?
    There are a couple of PCI cards like the 8400GS, 9400 and 9500 GT, HD 4350 etc.But they're costlier than their PCI-E counterparts.
  4. mrjericho1991 said:
    no hd 4670s are out you should get them.

    He said PCI only, 4670s are PCIE and AGP.
  5. Cool thanks doods. I think we're actually going with the USB2VGA option here. Old skool PCI options that are available with Windows 7 are expensive:
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