Inno3d GTX 460 768mb or Palit GTS 450 1gb Sonic

In terms of performance, I think the Inno3d GTX 460 768mb would win hands down.

but in terms of quality and durability? anyone as experiences with inno3d and palit?

here in our place, the inno3d cost $10 more expensive than the Palit GTS 450 1gb Sonic, which i can add in my tight budget but i can't add some more cash to get a palit gtx 460 so these 2 is my only options on my budget. and I don't want a card that would fail in a year or two.
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  1. What? No way, GTX460 1GB Sonic is faster than GTX470 768MB. Palit is better than Inno3D (my opinion). Inno card is $10 more than Palit one? Of course get that Palit, cause that's better card.
  2. read carefully, I'm comparing inno3d GTX 460 and Palit GTS 450 sonic, not palit GTX 460 1gb, I can't afford GTX 1gb, anyway thanks for the reply
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    Ahh, I'm sorry, I miss read again...
    Yes, generally GTX460 is faster than GTS450, but again, like you said earlier, Inno3D isn't famous brand and I think Palit has more quality better than Inno3D.

    What is your current FULL specs?
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  5. Thanks!!!

    my current rig is e5200 2.5 ghz(OC at 3.6 Ghz), coolermaster v8, gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L, 2x 2gb ddr2 800 ram, coolermaster 500w psu, 24" Monitor

    used to have HD4830...broke down due to overheat, lack of ventilation on my old case, gotta fix this too. :D
  6. a gtx 460 768 mb will be your best bet on a budget,you are fine with it.get it and enjoy.
  7. GTS450 might difficult to play most of games with decent setting on 24" monitor, you need higher card, do you really want a new card so badly?
    You can save a little bit and get decent brand of GTX460 1GB.
    If you are on really tight budget then it's okay to get GTS450.
  8. yeah wa1 said right,if you are on a tight budget,gts 450 is way to go,otherwise a gtx 460 768mb is also waiting.
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