Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 Realtek Audio Driver problem

Hi guys,

yesterday I installed my new parts, aswell as my whole windows. I installed all the drivers for the above mentioned mainboard from the gigabyte homepage, aswell all windows updates and the newest graphic card drivers... Everything worked fine - except one thing:

This is my board, and it has, like many others, a Realtek HD Audio Chip installed. When I installed the driver from the Gigabyte homepage, I opened my "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and configured my 5.1 speaker system. Then I tested it with the big blue "Play" button there - and, I happily heard, everything works fine. I tried the same in the "Windows speaker configuration" (the test is pretty much the same, just the sound which the speakers are doing is different), and this worked fine too. BUT THEN I finally wanted to turn on some music, and I soon took notice that I had no bass at all.... I then remembered that a similar (if not the exact same) problem happened with my old Asus board, which had obviously a Realtek Audio chip too. There the solution was to turn on the option called "Bass Management" in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Sadly, I didnt have this option! Well, then, I thought, the most obvious solution should be to upgrade my Realtek HD Audio Driver. I found out that my driver version is not the newest, downloaded the newest version from here and started the driver installation. At the first time, it said its "deinstalling my old driver version" - then I had to restart. When I was back on, it automatically repeated the installation, now it said its installing the new driver. Then I had to restart once again and when I was back up the HD Audio Manager was in the right bottom task bar again. BUT - I instantly saw that its the exact same driver version as before -_- How do I know? Well - the new version looks pretty much different than the ones before - AND I still had not the option to check I really need to get my sound system running, the "Bass Management".
I then tried different things from 10 pm to 3 am to get this (sorry) s*it driver running:

-) deinstalled the driver through device manager, restarted, reinstalling the new driver.
-) deinstalled the driver through device manager, deinstalled the driver under system panel --> Programs, restarted, reinstalled new driver
-) deinstalled the driver through device manager, deinstalled the driver under system panel, manually deleted everything related to Realtek under C:\, restarted, reinstalled new driver

Between this attempts I installed every windows update, since I thought missing windows updates may cause this too..

Im pretty desperate right now, I hope you can help me ;)
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  1. Did you try to use the driver that came with the mobo?
  2. Yes, I did. Doesnt work
  3. I have this exact problem with the same mobo and drivers, only outputs to stereo, no matter what, but all connections and speakers are working correctly as they all test fine, and work in pro tools when audio is sent to them seperately, but never bass as well as the tops. It's really frustrating, have you had any luck so far?
  4. Cmon this is frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey guys, sorry that I didnt answer this recently. I figured the solution out myself. The whole conversation with the Gigabyte stuff was frustrating, and I dont know if they fixed it yet. Anyway, the problem is the following:

    The driver for this mobo at the gigabyte homepage doesnt work properly. I dont know on which side the problem is, but I place my bet on Gigabyte. I googled around and found several threads on different sites complaining about this exact problem. Luckily I found someone who tried to install a different driver for a different mobo but the same audio codec. So if they didnt update their driver yet, try another one from a different manufacturer, just the audio codec should be similar. HF & GL!
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