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Oki own an HP a6203w desktop. I am building a new computer this coming summer/fall, but until then I need to make one or two tiny upgrades to make this one suitable. The integrated Nvidia 6150se nforce 430 graphics doesn't cut it at all. I was looking at something as an upgrade, but still low end. I am looking around 30 to 50 bucks, and something I can run on the stock 250w bestec power supply. Probably something that doesn't consume tons of power or even need a devoted power plug.

I have been looking at the ATI 4350, the nvidia 8600 (heard about from friend, still haven't looked at it)

Any others?
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  1. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01080282&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&site=null&product=3554326&key=null#N288
    That's your motherboard right?

    So, I guess the best card for 250W PSu is HD5570. But that's expensive. For what? gaming? or just general use like office and watching video/surfing?
    HD4350 is a HTPC card, but surely faster/better than integrated 6150SE.
  2. My only fear is that the70 or even the 5550 won't run on that PSU. That is why I went so low on the scale. 50 dollars would be the max on my budget, I don't care if it is the best bang for the buck, so long as it is a bit faster than the integrated, and can run on that PSU with no power concerns. The only other option would be to bump up to a 70 dollar budget, and hope on getting a PSU and GPU, but I doubt that is even within the realm of possible.

    So yeah, main focus, good card better than integrated system, with a for sure knowledge it will run on that PSU.

    Yes that is my Mobo.
  3. Yeah, surely HD4350 is faster than onboard graphic, you can go with that one, just make sure the card will fit into your case... :)
  4. Oh it will fit, it is a mid tower case with about 9 or 10 inches from the back of the PCI slot until it hits the HDD, and I have enough room otherwise. But that should work right power wise? Worst case if I can't power it what happens then? And what would be the step up from that one? I have heard about maybe the 4550 or the 3870....but I'm illiterate when it comes to computers.

    Also can anyone tell me how much voltage I'm running on my rail, I think it is like a 12 amp rail or something. The link above where the motherboard link is, is a link to the HP specs, it might be on there, not sure. I have been looking at the 4350, the 4650, the 5550, etc.

  5. No, i'm pretty sure you can run that card without problem with 250W PSU.
    And I ever read somewhere that HH5670 even don't break 250W (system) on full load, so you can even run HD5570 on that PSU.
    But again, like you said earlier, lower card will be more "safer", so HD4350 should work without problem.
    No, don't get HD3870, that's a power hungry card...
  6. what a cowardly said,hd 4350,however its never made to be for gaming,its the most low end gpu ever.a hd 3870 is great at performance but your psu wont allow that,if you can upgrade psu than hd 3870 is very great choice at that low budget.otherwise i would get this card.
    get this after rebate,it will give you superb performance.
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