Secondary monitor tearing ati 6850

I am having a problem where my secondary monitor (which is mirrored) tears. The secondary can switch between both monitors, either way there is tearing in whichever is secondary. I dont know what to do. I have tried a lot. Vsync is enabled, but it only affects the primary monitor. Both are 60hz native 1080p.

Anyone able to help?
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  1. The problem is with the idle clocks at the desktop.

    With most of the CCC versions, when you adjust the Overdrive settings to anything other than stock, the cards idle too low to handle two monitors. You will need to put the Overdrive settings back to stock.

    There was at least one driver in which this wasn't the case, I think it was 10.8 or close to that version.
  2. Oh yeah, there is a couple other ways to over come this low idle clock problem. You can set the idle clocks within MSI Afterburner. I was successful at this as well.

    Another method envolves creating a profile and manually messing with it's contents. This has worked for some, but it can be problematic.
  3. The overdrive settings are at stock, but the problem persists.
  4. Have you tried a different version of drivers?
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