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Hi guys I desperately need your expert opinion. I am almost finished with my pc build and here are the specs.

i7 Build
ATX midtower case
Asus P6T X58 Intel socket LGA 1366 MOBO
I7 CPU 950 3.06 Speed
12gb Corsair DDR3 ram
Gigabyte HD6850 GDDR5 1GB GPU
Ultra LSP 650 - 650watts PSU
LITEON internal bluray DVD burner

Firstly would this power supply be sufficient to operate this pc efficiently? My main question is my pc case calls for two case fans. I am using the Ultra Gladiatoir mid tower case. I need fans that will efficeintly keep my system cool and noise free. I think the case calls for 140mm fans. I think my cpu fan is also 140mm and my psu fan is 135mm. I am looking for an internal pressure configuration.

I am not really a gamer but will watch a lot of HD bluray videos and my pc will be on for many hours since I will be downloading movies. I will be using an IZ3D 22 inch 3D HD Monitor and Samsung P2770HD HDTV.

Thank You
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  1. Have you already bought those parts? Or are you just planning to buy them? I'm asking because it's exactly the best build for your uses and you're not using good parts in general. If you ahven't bought it, you might want to follow the guidelines from the link in my signature and get the best build for your budget and what you intend on doing.

    First, the old i7s are expensive and not that powerful. They're especially a bad idea when you don't need a lot of computing power. Given that you're mainly using it as an HTPC, you'd be better off with an old i3 or the new (soon to be re-released) Sandy Bridge i5-2500. Pair the i3 with an H55 board or the i5-2500 with an H67 board. Those CPUs offer integrated graphics (onboard graphics boosted by the CPU), which is more than capable of playing HD movies (on the non-3D monitor). The integrated graphics can even play low intensity games as well. If you do have more CPU intensive tasks, you should wait for Sandy Bridge's i5/i7 to come back out. The i5-2500 is about $200, but performs better than all of the LGA1366 i7 quad cores. The i7-2600 is about $300, but performs equal to the i7-980X. Of course, if you want to overclock, get the "K" version of either of those and a P67 board.

    Second, you're spend WAY too much on RAM. Unless you're doing hardcore rendering, encoding or such, you don't need more than 4 GB of RAM (6 GB if you stick to the LGA1366, which you shouldn't).

    Third, you're getting a very low quality PSU. It's powerful enough for what you're using (assuming you don't want Crossfire), but it's a POS. Instead, grab a 550W from Crosair, Silverstone, SeaSonic or Antec. If you want to do Crossfire later, up that to a 650W and add XFX to the list of great brands.

    Fourth, I wouldn't go with the 500 GB Seagate drives. Even if they were the 7200.12 models, I'd rather have a single Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB. It'll cost you less than $65 (I've seen it down around $50), and it'll be higher quality and slightly faster.

    Fifth, I'd consider switching the GPU to a GTX 460 1 GB. The 6850 is good, but nVidia cards are better than ATI's in terms of higher quality output. It'll be about the same price.
  2. Thank you MadAdmiral but I guess I have already put the cart before the horse it's all bought and assembled with the exception of HDD. I will accept your recommendation as I have not yet bought a HDD yet because I was thinking a dual boot configuration.

    I wish you had provided me with more information on my primary concern of case fans as I want to avoid my system overheating as I have not as yet purchased them.
  3. You really won't need more case fans. You don't need more than two (one front, one back) to get good cooling.
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