Nvidia 450 GTS and my psu

right now my components are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600
4gb DDR2 800
Asus M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition
8500Gt 256mb
260gb 7200 hd
2 roms
wireless nic card
creative sound card
and a 500w psu

just wondering if i upgraded to the nvidia 450gts could my psu handle it

I checked some of the psu calculators like newegg and some other one.. but they were both on opposites side of the spectrum...

any info would be great.. thanks
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  1. What brand? model? 500W isn't tell us any detail about your PSU...
  2. Ultra V series
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  4. thanks.. knew i could count on u guys
  5. You can run it. The 450 GTS only requires a 450 W PSU. The minimum required PSU is of a 450 W. The MINIMUM though. Not sure about the maximum part. But I am pretty sure it can run the 450 GTS. You can go to coolermaster .com for a type of calculator that lets you know the total power consumption of your rig. It may not display it accurately but you can give it a try.
  6. thanks for all the replies.. checked out the calculator and it said 385
    .. already ordered it anyway.. so we'll see
  7. yeah.. evga gts 450
  8. word... guess i could try overclocking.. but have never done it before
  9. well.. i changed the cpu frequency from 200 to 215
    which brought it from 2.41ghz to 2.58
    .. not sure how much higher i should go
    and also.. i left the cpu multiplier on auto..
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