Crucial Ballistix with Corsair Vengence


I am about to go buy the DDR3 4gb x 2 corsair vengence memory (CL9 1.5v). I currently have 2gb x 2 Curcial Ballistix (CL9 1.65v).

I was thinking of selling the old RAM, but had this crazy thought that I could use all of the RAM. My 2500k is overclocked but not by the RAM, RAM settings are not touched at all. Also its a Asus P8V68-V so it handles RAM well.

I believe the voltage would not matter because its almost the same anyway. What about compatability using different sizes?
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  1. If you set the voltage for Crucial at 1.5V and put inside the Corsair maybe will run.
  2. Im actually going to try the m.e.m OK mobo button, should automatically set everything as best as it can :) Will know in the next hour or two.

  3. Let me know what you think! Have not tried any games yet, but was maxing out on Total War with more men in units mod while streaming so It should really help :) its also a treat since passing my A+ compTIA.

  4. Sorry for a second post, I cant edit my last one.

    Is it worth me trying to get it to run at 1T instead of T2?

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