Acer hangs on startup and monitor loses connection

I have aspire m5200 desktop thats about 2 and a half years old. The only real changes i have made to it since having it were upgrading the graphics card about 2 years ago and it has been working fine since then. However for about the last 2 weeks every time i turn it on it gets to the first screen where it just says "acer" in big letters and where you can enter setup and the bios screen from. It will sit at that screen for a minute before going black for a few seconds and returning to the acer screen. The monitor will then promptly start saying no connection and a fan inside the computer starts turning on and off about every second or two at a seemingly random rate. It will do this for a minute and then go quiet, but with all the leds still running on the front. From here I must hold down the power button to manually turn it off in order to restart it. However after powering it off when i turn it back on it will go to the windows screen where it asks to start startup repair or start windows normally. I have done startup repair several times and a few system restores but it still fails to start properly the first time. If i select start windows normally the computer will boot fully and normally without any problems but after shutting it down it will crash again during the startup. Any help at all with this would be a great as I had been planning to sell this computer in a few weeks to help pay for my new computer and if it will go away once i reinstall windows vista then im not worried, but if its hardware related then I would be very appreciative of any fixes.

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  1. anyone have any ideas at all?
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