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I am trying to learn this "simple and easy" game VGAP4. I am playing
the Solarians and I am trying to reduce Base Freq with Coronas SWD.
After several turns the Base Freq have the same value. I thought it
should have been reduced by 8 pr turn???

Anybody able to help me with this??
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    I believe the Solorian version only reduces it by 4 to a minimum of 0.

    Still, you should have noticed a change. What other ships are in the
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    You can not bring it below -300 (or 0 as Amaranthine says), see also
    the recent thread about SWD here in the newsgroup. If you have a force
    feedback, it is in the ship log. The device is active I assume. No
    insult intended, just sometimes these minor things get forgotten. ;-O

    BTW: Solarians are one of the most difficult races to play, certainly
    not the best choice to learn this game!
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    I am playing 3 races vs a friend of mine. I have Solarian, Borg and
    Rebels. Borg Fireclouds have spread out Coronas to different planets
    doing Laser Mining Drill (to increese HD Stress) and to finally use the
    SWD to get the Base Freq=0 so the HD Stress is stabil somewhere between
    900 and 1000. Hoped to get a bunch of good mineral planets. So fare
    those planets are heading for explosion :-(

    The one place I keep track of the situation I have 3 Solarian Coronas
    and 2 Borg Fireclouds. No base at the planet. All 3 Coronas are only
    using the SWD (no drilling).
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    Hehe....device is switched on. I just checked the ships log. All
    three ships says "Scalar Wave Damper has effected planet...". I
    scratch my head seriously about this one......
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    The Solarain version of the Scalar Wave Damper will not lower the
    stress delta below 0.
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    The stress delta must be positive to get minerals.

    But stress delta isn't always an int. So sometimes a base that appears
    to have 0 stress delta will get minerals, while other times it won't.
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    > SWD to get the Base Freq=0 so the HD Stress is stabil somewhere between
    > 900 and 1000. Hoped to get a bunch of good mineral planets.

    Don´t do this. As Tim statet once you need Base Frey >0 to get new minerals.

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    Whats the delta stess of the planet?
    How much coronas?
    Do they/one of them have Laser Mining Drill on?
    What other ships around?
    Are still minerals in the core (exept Neutronium)?

    Why do you want to save the planet from exploding if you want only the

    I need to know the first five to answer your question.
    The last one is for your consideration.
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    No difference between what? Values for Delta Stress?

    It actually does matter how large the Delta Stress is.

    The D_Stress is now part of the formula:
    Stress must be greater than 100 and D_Stress must be positive.
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    Loki: Delta Stress is 12. I guess that is the old name for Base Freq.
    I had three Coronas there. None used Laser Mining Drill. There where
    2 Fireclouds there in orbit with name. No bases at the planet. Lots
    of minerals in the core (have not yet mined or drilled by any race). I
    wanted to save planet from exploding because:

    I have read the formula that Amaranthine wrote in the previos message
    (from Tims online Help files):
    A planet with a hyper dimensional stress level of more than 100 will
    produce new metals in the planet`s core at these levels:

    "R = ((STRESS / 100 ) * (STRESS / 100)) * 10
    New Duranium = R * 1.1
    New Tritanium = R * 0.8
    New Molybdenum = R * 0.5
    New Neutronium Fuel = R * 1.5"

    I thought STRESS=HD Stress, but maybe STRESS=Delta Stress (Base
    I thought that keeping HD stress just below 1000 I would receive tons
    of minerals. But now people tell me that Delta Stress need to be
    positive...and large.

    This is a bit confusing. I have to dig deeper into this.
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    If you are right, than this can explain a lot.
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    It is no longer multiplied by 10. It is multiplied by the Delta Stress
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    > The stress delta must be positive to get minerals.

    You´re right but there´s no difference between them atm.

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    Ok I think the biggest problem ist the change in in the terminology and
    the "normal" hostchanges.

    The formulas from Amaranthine and the statement from Sebastian are both
    correct AFAIK.
    You can only decrease the stress and not the Base Frequency (Delta
    Stress) with the SWD as Solarian. You should be able to calculate the
    right figures out of this.

    And now to the intresting point, "Why?"...

    I am not 100% sure if it stayed this way after x hostchanges so if your
    game depending on it you shouln't try it out.
    In my expirience a asteroid field will generate new metals in the core.
    I think if a planet explodes and leaves an asteroid field its just the
    picture that changes and of course the fact that noone can habitate it
    expect Privs and Sols. Which is by the way why there is noone intrested
    in this matter normally.

    If you look at an asteroid field you see nothing in the Data Pad but
    that it is an asteroid field and where it lies etc. Also you see that
    there is zero base Frequency and get no Stress info. Seem pretty harm-
    and useless.

    But you should send down one colo, you could find nice surprises there.
    Minerals and other stuff on the surface (ok you can beam it up from the
    surface as normal player, too).
    But most intresting you can find natives. (Yes real natives not Cups
    only). And even if the picture did not change and still says zero base
    frequency, zero stress; the planet will still produce minerals. The
    reason is that it still has Stress and a Base Frequency and minerals
    are produced using Amaranthine's formula as before. In my expierience
    if a planet explodes is does not affect anything but the soil rating
    (gets zero), the problems that other races have with habitating and the
    picture of it.
    Same natives, same surface, same star heat.

    In fact if I play Solarian and have enough food (ok noone has but you
    know what I mean...)
    I explode every planet by incident that I can find. The minerals are
    the positive sideeffect ;) .

    Noone can ever build a scanning base there expect Priv and Sols.
    Noone expect the Priv and other Sol can ever groundassault you there.
    You can fire the SML every turn without ever need to think on stress.
    You can mine minerals quickly like hell.
    Noone is interested in this planet anymore.
    If someone is going to attack you and should win than he is the proud
    owner of a perfect... asteroid field. (which you can habitate later on
    quickly with your coronas).

    Disadvantage: You can not grow food.

    On these Asteroid fields I normally build 1 colo bases that get the
    minerals from the corona beamed down. After planet is empty I chunnel
    the bases to a collecting base and this base chunnels the minerals
    where they are needed later.

    SWD are only worthy for food production planets and in special cases
    when I need to shoot a SML from a planet that can not be exploded

    Well thats my opinion to the "Why?".

    Good luck with your game...
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