Will a 5850/5770 fit in my case

Hi there guys, wanna ask a few question

Would a 5850 powercolor pcs+/asus5770/msi 5770 fit in my case?
Here's a link to my specs.


Planning to upgrade my psu and im running on a tight budget,
What's the best psu here I can get all of them at almost the same price

OCZ Stealth X Stream II 600watts, Non-Modular
HEC Cougar RS, 550w, 80PLUS
FSP (Everest) 600watts, 85PLUS, Bronze, Modular
Seasonic (S12E) 650watts, 80PLUS, Bronze, Non-Modular

and finally would, in case it fits, a 5850 bottleneck my stock q8400. I can't really overclock because of my mobo and don't have enough money to buy a new one
btw I have 4gb ram and 64 bit windows 7

I know I'm asking a lot So thanks to anyone who would consider answering me :D

*quick edit*
Will be playing at resolutions 1600x900
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  1. Couldn't you give us a picture of the case with the side panel opened?
  2. Sorry don't have access to a camera right now but if it helps the g210 card is 3/4 the size of the motherboard and about 40% of the case's interior width
  3. I think the 5770 will fit, but I'm not too sure about the 5850.
  4. You know how to use a tape measure right? Google 5850 length, then measure to see if you have that much room in the case.
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