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Looking for some help. Did my own research but very overwhelming and hoping someone can help out a busy father who can't find the time. Wife wants this ASAP for doing home video editing. Currently using Core2 Duo E6400!


Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 weeks

Budget Range: (e.g.: 600-800) $1k-$1.5k

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Editing, Web Surfer and General Use. No Gaming.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Quiet running..would like SSD as boot drive..would like upgradability to 6 core CPU's but not required, 4-6GB ram

Thanks for your assistance.
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  1. $59.95
    Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $64.99
    Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply Combo Price: $219.98 $10.00 Mail-In Rebate Card Price After Mail-In Rebate(s): $209.98 FREE SHIPPING
    ASUS P7P55D-E LX LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM Combo Price: $317.98 $20.00 Mail-In Rebate Price After Mail-In Rebate(s): $297.98 FREE SHIPPING
    MSI N450GTS-M2D1GD5/OC GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
    Intel Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80605I5760 $29.99 FREE SHIPPING
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" Long Life Sleeve 120mm CPU Cooler Compatible Intel Core i5 & Intel Core i7 $99.99 FREE SHIPPING
    G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR $20.99 FREE SHIPPING
    HP Black 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 12X DVD-RAM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM SATA 24X Multiformat DVD Burner LightScribe Support $64.99 FREE SHIPPING
    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive $189.99
    OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX90G 3.5" 90GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    Total: $1,047.86 *not including shipping, rebates, etc..
  2. $1500 gets you a perty nice rig......$1439

    Case: I'm thinking box will get heavy usage when it's used which means a high air flow case. Alternate mid tower would be DF-35
    $100 - Coolermaster HAF-922

    Makes little sense pricewise to get less than a 650 watter. You don't need a top performer but I'd avoid the lowest tier lines. Many peeps make the mistake of buying by brand name rather than product line. For example, the Antec CP, SG and HC series are great PSU's, the TP and TPQ are very good PSU's but the Basiq and Neo lines are targeted to compete w/ no name OEM brands. Best choice for a single card system at the moment would be the XFX Core Edition Pro at $70 but just in case your needs change and you want to add a 2nd vid card later on, I'd up that to a 750 watter. Both Core Edition get a9.5 performance rating on jonnyguru, but w/ the 10% off special, you can get a XFX Black Edition 750 (10.0 performance rating) for the same $90 price tag.
    $90 - XFX Black Edition750

    MoBo / CPU:
    The Sandy Bridge stuff is on hiatus while they fix a manufacturing defect.... your 1-2 weeks may stretch out to 4-6 weeks. Intel is reportedly shipping the re;lacement chipos alreday but give th emnaufacturers that amount of toime to get them back in the channel.
    $390 - ASUS P8P67 Pro
    CPU - incl. - Intel Core i5-2500K w/ above

    This is the current price / performance champ.....currently the 2nd best perofming cooler in the database
    $40 - Scythe SCMG 2100
    TIM - $6 - Shin Etsu

    Some fast CAS 7 RAM to move things along
    $155 - (2 x 4GB) Mushkin CAS 7

    Don't know if you will be using CUDA implementations on your movie editing but it's there if ya needed it. PSU and case can handle a 2nd card of your usage changes and ya wanna go that way on the future.
    $250 - EVGA GTX 560 Ti

    Comparing the big 3 (Seagate 7200.12, Spinpoint F3 and WD Black), the F3 seems to do best in Windows Movie Maker with a score of 61.40 to the other two's 50.30 based upon THG's performance charts
    $65 - Spinpoint F3 1 TB

    The 120 GB model is cheaper than the 90 GB w/ the current discount code and this one will mount w/o an adapter
    $185 - OCZ Vertex 2 3.5" 120GB

    DVD Writer Pretty much anything unless you need Blue Ray
    $23 - ASUS BR Model BC-08B1LT

    $15 off w/ current newegg coupon code
    $125 Win 7 Professional
  3. Think best u state app/software for video editing - most are CPU/RAM bound save Premiere Pro which leverages on the Mercury Playback Engine via GPU....
  4. since Sandy Bridge is 'on the mend' for several more weeks, if not more... the next logical step with a $1500 budget would be to get the "current high-end", so to speak, X58 platform:
    - Antec Three Hundred + BP430 Black Steel Mid Tower /w 430W Power Supply: $95
    - LG Black 10X BD-ROM 16X DVDRW SATA Internal Blu-ray Disc Combo: $70
    - SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB: $65
    - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit: $95
    - PNY VCQ600-PB Quadro 600 1GB: $150 -> if you're not gaming, look into this one - latest nVidia tech /w DX11 support, etc... for more of a 'Workstation Environment'
    - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB (3x4GB) DDR3 1600: $165 -> RAM's never been cheaper... take advantage, especially for 'video-editing'
    - [COMBO] Intel Core i7-970 Gulftown 3.2GHz Six-Core + ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0: $758 -> if you can't get Sandy Bridge now... then may as well go better than... go 6 core/12 thread... which will be taken advantage by the video-editing..!

    TOTAL: $1398

    a video-editing monster
  5. +
    - OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTX40G 2.5" 40GB: $105 -> perfect boot-drive, as you requested
  6. Just wanting to contribute seeing as how almost all of the CPU/Mobos either seem to be sandy bridge which you wont be able to buy until a couple months from now, or mike offering a i7-970 A.K.A the *I'm terribly overpriced and offer no justifiable reasons for buying me over an i7-950* CPU.

    **Should also note i7-950 runs for 199.99 in store at microcenter.

    2 Terra bytes of storage = Nuff said for video editing rig.

    GTX 560 = You're not working with C4d or 3DS Max therefore you really have not use for a "workstation" Card you benefit from the CUDA Cores though, and the 560 is the sweetspot for price/performance

    6GB of CAS 7 1600 RAM = SPEEEEEEED

    i7-950 > i7-970
    In the SYSMark Overall Bench mark the $600 i7-970 Scored a 248 while the i7-950 scored a 234
    that's a 14 point difference. In other words barely noticeable seeing as how the 950 is $400-$300 cheaper its the best deal.

    Should also note everything is stupid unless you wait and by SB it DOMINATES EVERY CPU the $199-$230 i5-2500k beats the $1000 i7-980x
    at everything.
    so yeah.
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