Strange issues think its power supply?

Ive recently built a new computer and having a strange issue. My computer seems like its going to safe mode randomly whether im gaming or just browsing the web.
Using win 7 ive done all the windows updates I can.
Using an ATI 5850 with up to date drivers.
Whenever the issue happens my computer doesnt restart or turn off I can hear it running. I end up having to power it off manually then when I get back in I check windows event viewer and confirms that I didnt shut windows down manually..
This is the power supply
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  1. Diablotek? Never heard of it but I look and see bad reviews. Check for viruses though because I doubt the PSU for this. I had the problem quite some time ago.
  2. 1. Diablotek's are junk.

    2. A partially non-working PSU can cause your symptoms.

    Try to borrow a better PSU.
  3. get a good 500w-650w psu from antec, xfx, seasonic, corsair if any other brand check here. Stay away from hec compucase, diablotek, and raidmax
  4. XFX
    OCZ (Don't get StealthXStream)
    Thermaltake (Toughpower-series)
    Rosewill (They are improving the quality of their PSUs and expanding in the market, but I wouldn't recommend one right now.)
    PC Power & Cooling (Don't see much of them anymore though)

    Some will argue that Enermax and CM are good, they probably are better than the credit I give them because of my past-experiences but I can't comment so much there.
  5. the high-end enermaxs and CMs are decently-reviewed
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