I5 Sandy Bridge cooler than an i3?

Hi All

I have an i3-540 in a MITX setup which runs at about 25-30deg C idle / 45-40deg on load (max ever 55deg C).

I'm looking to get an i5-2500K but I have to wonder about temps with my case and all.

Will the Sandy Bridge be much hotter or is it in fact cooler? I've heard contradicting statements regarding both so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I have temps of about 55c in gaming and 80c with Intel Burn Test with stock cooler.
    It would be more or less the same.My i7 950 build also has temps of about 56c in gaming and 84c in IBT.So should be the same depending on the bin
  2. Why not get an i5 760 instead..? That way you would not need to change your motherboard.. About the heat, theoretically the i3 will run cooler..
  3. Good point - I wanted to get an i5-760 originally but seeming they were around the same price I wouldn't mind changing my mobo for the upgrade.

    But, if the 760 is a lot cooler than the 2500K then I'd prefer it.

    Bear in mind I'm not overclocking at all.

    So I guess the question is, which is coolest out of the i3-540, i5-760 and i5-2500K on STOCK values?
  4. If you are not considering overclocking then there is no point getting the i5 2500k unless you need the services of the better integrated video chip on it.. Now, The i5 2500k is based on a 32nm tech whereas the i5 760 is based on a 45nm tech.. The TDP for both of those chips are same though.. So I guess both will produce similar heat results.. Check out some reviews and benchmarks.. My guess is that the difference won't be much but the i5 2500 will run cooler..
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