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580, 570 or the Cayman?

Aight, here's the deal.

I was planning to buy a 6970 but i'm dissapointed at the performance. I find it very strange that it couldnt even beat the 570.
I want a new gfx card. I've thought of the 570 or the 6970 but since the gtx is always out of stock here and the 6970 has (in some games) almost the same performance as the 5870.

Im kinda negative to waiting for a xxx load of time to get a 570 or to buy a 6970 and discover its shi*.

So obviously, the 580 comes in play here. Would it be dumb to spend such ridicolous (for a gpu) amount of money on it and not wait and see amds Antilles? What do you guys think?

Win 7
Phenom 2x 955 c2
4gb 1333
600W OCZ
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  1. why don't you consider hd 5870?? i think 5870 is not yet out of the equation... i don't know where your place is but 5870 should be dropped in price right now for certain models.... yes it slower than both 6970 and 570 but it still a very fast gfx card... if you can't find 570 i can recommend you hd 5870 and wait till next gen cards arrive nxt year....
  2. A 5870 is out of the discussion, It's 2 weak.
  3. I don't think that it would be wise to buy the 580 until it gets some competition form AMD's side ... so why don't you wait for the cayman to be released, then you would have the full picture the 2011 GPU high-end market . But if you're in a hurry I would opt for the 6870 ( for 2560*1600 rez especially ) or for the 580 ( blazing fast at 1920*1200 rez or below). Pick your choose
  4. @ mobutu, The GTX580 is more suited to 2560 x 1600 than a HD6870 is...Unless you meant HD6970

    @OP The price of the GTX580 seems hard to justify when you could buy a GTX570 thats 40% cheaper and only 15% slower
    The HD6970 seems to be very close to the GTX580 when at very high res and in game details.
  5. 1680x1050 here, gentlemen.
    Cayman is already out, i assume Antilles is what u mean.
  6. Even a HD5850 @ £130 would be plenty for your resolution, I have a HD5850 and game @ 1920 x 1080 and every game except Metro 2033 and Crysis run at max settings with very good frame rates.

    If you want to go complete overkill then @ £280 you could get a HD6970 or GTX570 which perform very similarly @ 1680 x 1050

    Or perhaps 2 x HD5850's for £260 for better performance than a £430 GTX580
  7. Unless you can't crossfire, I would agree that 2x5850's would be fine.
    At your resolution the 5870 isn't weak, it would perform above what you'd expect.

    Or go for the 6870, it's 100$ less and that justifies in buying it, especially at that resolution.
    Or wait until the 560's, at a cheaper price it would most likely be the best match for that resolution over a 570.
  8. Im NOT buying xfire nor sli for myself ever again. If I got you guys clearly a 6970 or a 570 will preform similarly at 1680x1050. So which one 2 get? My conscious tells me a brand new 6970 is somehow a better buy then a couple of months old 570... But on the other side, the 570 does better in most games (yes i know Tom's review is abit uniqe). So which one will be most futureproof?
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    well if you decide to buy a larger resolution monitor some time in the future then the HD6970 2GB would be more future-proof.

    Have a look at a review or two and decide based on what games you play, as you know some games prefer nVidia and some prefer AMD/ATI

    Another thing to consider is the different features that the cards offer, The GTX570 offers PhsyX, CUDA, 3D Vision ETC.... and the HD6970 offers Eyefinity, Powertune? and I think some kind of 3D support.
  10. Alright, im leaning towards the 570 here, as I dont plan on a monitor purchase. Where I live, there is an outtage on almost every brand of 570's and the waits are excruciating, the only one that fills the shops is 'KFA2' model. I've not heared anything about this company and I not in a mood to buy some crap from a strange bussines, so what do you think about this KFA2 aka Galaxy?

    Also, I assume my OCZ Modxstream 600w will deal nicely with a 570 or a 6970..
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