Sub $600 gaming system w/ monitor =D how did i do? thoughts?

Well here it is, gaming on a budget is kinda hard sometimes! Let me know how I did =D

AMD Phenom II x2 560 3.3 ghz new off ebay $92
MSI 880GM-E43 New from directron $80
Samsung 22x Sata dvd burner $18
Silverstone SST-SG02B-F case $65
Corsair PC-10666 2x2 gig DDR3 off ebay $26
Raidmax 620w modular power supply ebay $33
Powercolar Radeon 4890 1 gig card ebay $78
Dell 21.5 inch LED 1080P LCD $140
Random shipping charges $35

Total $567

The thing that made it the hardest is that i'm military stationed in japan so finding people that would ship reasonably here was egg is a joke when it comes to shipping here =(
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  1. bloodstorm69 said: egg is a joke when it comes to shipping here
    Not as big a joke as that Raidmax PSU.
    And the yolk is on you.
  2. Try this for a PSU

    I know you said shipping is a pain to where you are stationed but it should be the same price or cheaper elsewhere
    you don't need anywhere near 600w range if I'm fully conscious at the time of typing this.
  3. i agree...thats the only part i'm worried about, i'll prob get rid of it locally and find a 500w antec or somethin, when i bought the raidmax one on ebay i bid before i read reviews or really checked up on it much.
  4. If you're not able to find anything on a unit you find locally you can always hop over into the CPU & Components Forum and ask around there.

    Apart from the PSU you did good on everything else.
    Have you tried unlocking any extra cores on the CPU yet?
  5. not yet, just finished ordering the last few parts, and for the PSU i have listened to reason and just ordered a Antec Earthwatts EA-500 D, found it for $50, so i will wait for it to show up so i don't blow up my computer with the cheap raidmax one. I'm really hoping i can unlock a couple cores, if not i'll still overclock it =D
  6. Unless you've unlocked a core in the past I'd take a glance at this:

    Good luck! Just realize the cores may not be functional even after this, like the guide says "A bonus and not a feature"
  7. Unlocked cores can sometimes be unstable during overclocking.
    But you'll never know till you try.

    You could get lucky 3 times. Once for each core to unlock and the 3rd time to have it be stable during overclocking.
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