DDR3 Memory Help will Tri-channel memory Run as Dual Channel on 4 Slot

Hi There,

Ive posted regarding a system im building, the mobo is a Asus Maximus III 1156 full Atx. The ram I bought for it was some G.Skill Tridents, but these come in 6Gb Kits and are Tripple channel, I was told to ditch the ram and go for dual channel stuff eg 4GB/8GB Kits.

Im happy to do that, but my question is their is a possiblility of me getting hold of another G.Skill 6Gb Kit, same speed. Ebay item number 160544812288. If I bought another Kit and utilized only 2Gb of that Kit, this would in effect give me 8GB in a 4x2GB setup.

Would this Ram run in Dual Channel? Im assuming here that Dual channel set-up would automatically kick in, is this right?

Getting rid of the additonal 4G is no problem as it can go in another system.
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  1. RAM runs in whatever channel in accordance to the number of sticks you have, up to the maximum the board can handle. For example, if you installed all three sticks on a dual channel board, they'd run in single channel. If you had a triple channel board and two sticks, it would run dual channel. To run at the fastest possibly speed, all that matter is if you have a mulitple of the maximum channel. It doesn't matter if it's from different kits or not.
  2. So If i ran 4x2GB, on the Maximus III which has 4 slots, they would run as dual channel, right?
  3. Yes.
  4. Thanks for the help, im going to order another 2Gb module and make an 8GB set (2x4GB),
  5. That's not how it works. The triple channel memory won't run as dual channel with a 4th stick. You need to buy dual channel memory sold in pairs.
  6. That's completely wrong. You only have to have sticks with identical sizes, speeds and timings (source).

    Even Intel's original white paper on dual channel memory in 2003 (it's on page 8) states:

    "For the best dual-channel memory performance on motherboards with the Intel dualchannel DDR chipsets, you must use identically paired memory modules...
    In this context, “matching” modules means:
    1. Both modules are the same capacity (e.g. both are 256MB, or 512MB)
    2. Both modules are the same speed (e.g. both are PC2700 or PC3200)
    3. Both have the same number of chips and module sides (e.g. both have the
    same number of chips on the module, and both are either single-sided or

    As long as you do your research and pick sticks carefully, you'll be fine.

    All the dual/triple channel kits are is sticks that have been paired and designed to work perfectly together. You can make you own kits, but it's usually more expensive and might require tweaks. That doesn't mean it won't work.
  7. I think the admiral has it, its just the companies that pack the modules in dual and tripple channel.

    Now my system is setup, can you point a noob in the right direction in terms of overclcoking, its Maximus Formula III so I wouldprefer something that related to it please, Thanks in advance
  8. I'm not that knowledgable about overclocking. Might want to check out the overclocking section of the forums.
  9. No worries Admiral, Thanks for your help!
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