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How good is this?

My 3D Mark Score is as follows....
how good is this???...(It doesnt look good to me)

3DMark Score 1011.19 3DMarks
Graphics Score 797.43
CPU Score 5164.61
Jane Nash 2.14 FPS
New Calico 2.53 FPS
AI Test 671.08 operations/s
Physics Test 7.94 operations/s

I have core2duo 2.8
nvidia 9400gt 1gb

Is it time for an upgrade??????
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  1. What model of core 2 duo?
    Monitor resolution?
    The rest of your system?

    9400GT is not even a gaming card, that's a HTPC card.
    You will need GT240/9600GT or HD5670 minimum to play games with "reasonable" fps.
  2. Since you're benchmarking with 3DMark I'm assuming you intend to play games with this computer? If so, as wa1 already stated, the 9400GT isn't really a gaming level graphics card.

    Also, everything depends also on what games you intend to play, and what resolution your monitor is. :)
  3. Honestly that's not a very high score. Considering that most current systems are running 10,000+ 3dmarks you can get an idea of how that compares.

    Go with a GT250 and you'll see a huge difference for a pretty reasonable price.
  4. well resolution is 1366 x 768...

    which graphic card shud i go for?
  5. i intend to play games like Crysis at decent fps.
  6. what's your budget?
  7. say within 200$
  8. What is your FULL specs?
    How we can suggest you a card if we don't even know the system itself...
  9. gigabyte g31
    core 2 duo e7400
    4gb ddr2
    500gb seagate
    iball 400W (pls suggest a good psu as well)
    18.5" monitor 1366 x 768
    nvidia 9400gt 1gb

    thats the specs
  10. Gtx 460 or 465
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    No need to spend $200, just get GT240 512MB or HD5670 512MB (about $90-$100). That's more than enough for your resolution, and no need to change PSU, your current one can handle either card just fine...
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