Help - gpu in the way of hd audio plugin

I'm building my first computer and so far, so good. My motherboard is the ASRock 870 Extreme3, and I just installed the gpu and discovered that it's just wide enough that it kind of squishes the wires of the front panel audio where it is plugged in. Is this dangerous to have them touching? The manual says a single gpu should be installed in PCIE2, but would it be better to use PCIE4 (would it make a difference in performance)? Eventually I will probably switch my Creative SB X-Fi card over, but until I'm sure the new build is up and running I want to leave it in my older machine.

Thanks in advance for any help here!
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  1. Hello Hobbitt;

    The shielded wires are just touching the exterior part of the cooler? Or the edge of the PCB board?

    You're probably OK with them touching.
  2. The shielded wires are touching the plastic casing on the gpu cooler. I guess I was more concerned about those wires being bent at an angle causing problems.

    While I have your attention, I also wanted to ask if there's any particular order that the power supply should be connected to the various fans and other components? (Things were going swimmingly until I saw how many wires and cables there were and started to doubt myself a bit - lol)

    Thanks again :)
  3. There is no special order.
    I usually like to connect things with the most pins or thickest cables first. 24pin connector, 8pin CPU power connector and so on.
  4. Me (Hobbitt) again (on a different machine so not signed in)--

    SUCCESS!! Plugged everything in, hit power, and voila! Fans are all spinning, got into the BIOS and it's reading the correct cpu and ram... Whew! No I suppose I install Windows and start installing the drivers, yes? Is there any testing recommended for a machine that is NOT overclocked? (So far the temp in the BIOS is reading about cpu 36C and mb 27C, which is within range, I believe...)

    Thank you again! :)
  5. Congratulations.
    Start with installing Windows. I'm thinking it's going to have all the drivers it needs. It's quite good that way. And it will check online to see if any new drivers are available.

    Temps are looking good for an idle state.
    The testing is the same for non-overclock as for overclock. I'll get you some notes on that.
  6. You're at step #9 Install Operating System / Drivers
    in the Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC

    Only step after that is #10; Test System and Have FUN!!

    You'll probably want an Anti-virus/malware program. Microsoft Security Essentials is good and it's free.

    You'll need an email client also. Windows Live Essentials 2011
    Besides having the Live Mail 2011 there are a few other programs you might want.
    You can install just the ones you want to use.
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