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GTX 460 768mb VS 1GB

Hey guys,. I know there's info about this already out there and I've read it. I just wanted to get some of the latest info with all the models out etc..
I have $300 to use a gpu(s).
I play at 1080p and I want to play COD, BF2, and Crysis.
I basically just want to know if the 1gb is worth the extra money.
If I go with 2 768mb's I can get 2 cards and SLI right away, but with the gtx 460 1GB I will have to wait a little to get the 2nd card.

Here's what I was looking at:
[x2] MSI GTX 460 Cyclone 768MB - $120 each after MIR
Zotac AMP! GTX 460 1GB - $195 after MIR
Gigabyte Super Over Clock GTX 460 1GB - $200 after MIR
MSI Hawk Talon Attack GTX 460 1GB - $215

thanks for the advice.
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  1. At you resolution is best to get a 1gb card, many games will make use of it especially with AA enabled, and even more for future games.

    But don't get either of those get this: $160 after MIR --> $320 After MIR, and OC yourself if you want.
  2. Go for the 1GB, it will make your life a little easier with modern games. The 768mb card isn't the best value out there and prices are dropping so take advantage while there is still decent stock of cards with plenty of options.
  3. According to a techpower up review I read on GTX 460 768MB SLI the only reason they suggested getting the 1 GB was if you were playing on anything over 1920x1200 or over 8xAA.

    I didn't really want to OC myself because I'm in college and I can't afford to void the warranty and mess up. I won't be able to afford a new card. Which Is why I picked the per Overclocked Versions.

    Do you think 1 Gtx 460 1GB will allow me to play BF2 maxed out without any stuttering until I can afford a 2nd one in a month or two?
  4. EVGA is my preferred video card provider and they have a 1 GB card for sale at only $170 AR plus $3 shipping that comes factory overclocked at almost 10%:
  5. The GTX460 laughs at BF2 maxed out, BFBC2 will also max out quite well

    According to this, and every benchmark I've ever seen, the 1GB version is just faster than the 768mb version. Even if you don't need the extra ram.
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    I have looked at a lot of benches since the GTX460@768 was marketed and it is not a hell of a lot better than the GTX275@896 that I am presently running, except that it supports DX 11, big deal, maybe a 500 something in the new year...need it or not the 460@1g is the way to go....and the new 500 series are even better...:)
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  9. OKay, 1GB it is, thanks for the help everyone.
    Now what Pre-Oced versions would you guys suggest?
    So far I'm leaning towards the Zotac AMP! or Gigabyte SoC.
  10. EVGA is the one with the highest clocks and also cheaper than the zotac (After MIR) so I'd go for that one.
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