Router only 'works' with one computer

Hey guys, I have a brand new trendnet TEW-639GR router, here to replace my old linksys wrt54g.

My current setup is one desktop (desktop A, some dell running winxp 32) wired to the router (which goes to cable modem) and another desktop (desktop B, homebuilt, win7 64) has a wireless connection.

When I connect the router (via wire) to desktop A, it does not work. I cannot ping the router, I cannot log in to it (or go to the login page of the router, just times out), and the little 'icon' on the bottom right for connection status doesnt show any errors (aka not cable is unplugged etc.)

In this scenario desktop A has a signal (aka the wireless is working dandy) but if i try to connect to it it goes into some bollocks win7 config utility asking me for the 8 or 4 digit serial code which doesnt exist on the router.

When I connect the router via wire to desktop B, I can ping to it, and I can log into it no problem.

I have checked all the cables etc. I am positive it has to be something with network card or drivers. both of them are straight off the mobo, with desktop a have nvidia nforce 10/100/1000

Any help is appreciated, thanks
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  1. What happens if you switch off wireless security in the router -- or switch to using WPA PSK TKIP (which is supported by most recent wireless adapters) ?
  2. security is actually off atm (when i logged infrom comp B i didnt enable it yet), and on my current (wrt54g) router i am using wpa tkip, would enabling it from comp b make it work on comp a? worth a try I guess ill post results soon

    edit: enabling security did nothing =/
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