Blue screen related to Memory/MB?

Hi there,
I've recently been having Blue Screens on my desktop every few hours and even about once a day the computer simply just freezes or restarts without any warning what so ever. I was getting tired of all the Blue Screens and recently simply just re-installed everything on computer.

I have not been getting only 1 blue screen but alot of different ones!
and even a "Blank" blue screen
and even other Blue screens i forgot name of.
Sorry for the vage description i had writen which blue screen errors ive been getting but lost the paper :S

This is what I did: Formated SSD drive from Windows 7 Installation CD/DVD, Installed Windows 7, then proceeded to update all my drivers "from the internet's latest versions" of my Graphics card "engtx 465 Beta/Legacy 290.84 drivers", Mouse/Keyboard, SmartDoctor , Games OSD, Asus Updt.

BIOS update and Memtest were 2 things I have not done simply because im no expert with computers and dont wanna f** anything up any more then curently is.

My Components are:

Motherboard: Asus M4A78T-E
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.21ghz
Ram "Main Slots": X2 4G Corsair Vengeance
Ram "Secondary slots": X2 4G Mushkin
Graphics Card: ENGTX 465 1G
OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Main Drive: Vertek 2 SSD 90GB
Secondary Drive: External Western Digital 1TB

I am wondering if at this points since im getting blue screens so often if it could be a bad Motherboard or Ram, if not both, and how to check if its either of those 2. I've searched around google and stuff but the posts ive found are not similar enough to my problems.

thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Coolmax VL-600B Power Supply - 600-Watt forgot to mention in the above post
  2. Page fault in nonpaged area is usually related to memory. Get memtest86+, burn it to cd, boot off the cd, and test your memory, 1 stick at a time.
  3. Ok will try that tonight since i heard it takes a while to complete ill let it run throught the night
  4. You only need to run it for at most a hour per stick, Memory error show up very fast in memtest.
  5. i think its the ssd due to the described issues.
  6. i dissagree with testing one stick at a time. do both and after 2 passes i would start tests on the ssd.
  7. Ok so today my computer wouldnt even open at all, couldnt get past the "windows logo" screen for at least 5 hours, i finally got it to work in safe mode and then restarted in "normal" mode but then it only worked for about 30 mins untill another blue screen showed up, "irql_not_less_or_equal". I then tired to reboot with windows CD in it and then proceeded to using the Repair option, did a Startup Repair and a Memory Checker. computer seems abit and i do mean only "abit" more stable and going to run a Memtest right now and let it run throught the night. Will keep you updated on the tests tomorow.
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