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Hi, I just built a new computer and brought a few things over from my old one. My HDDs, Dvd drive, and sound card (creative sound blaster xtreme music) . I was installing drivers for my soundcard but ran into a problem. I get this message "updating Windows drivers this will take a few minutes" and it freezes so I have to restart my computer. I have no idea what the problem would be but any help would be fantastic.

Another question, not about soundcards though, sometimes I get this message "out of range" It has to do with my monitor I think, a little box skips to each corner of my screen with that message, what would be the reason for that?

Thank you.
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    If you are using windows 7 (or vista for that matter) then try checking for updates.. It should list drivers for your sound card (did for my age old creative sound blaster) and even your monitor.. Check them and click on install updates.. That should clear out most of your issues..
  2. Updating now. But I am just going to go with onboard, the only reason I have a soundcard is so I could record sounds directly. But I guess with this mobo the stereo mix works. yay!
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