Memory errors and overclock?


I have to be quick with this post, will give more details later.

I have a OC'ed 2500k, OC'ed via blck, not by fsb/ram. I installed a new pair of Corsair 2 x 4gb vengance memory to replace my crucial ballistix 2 x 2gb.

The Corsair is getting insane errors in memtest86, like 1k other 20 minutes. Would the overclock be effecting the memory? I assumed since the overclock has nothing to do with the ram, then this issue will just be the ram itself?

Secondly, what about workarounds? Running the ram at a lower speed (1333 instead of 1600), or even highering the voltage from 1.5v slightly to see if that works?

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  1. The RAM can run up to 1.65v without damaging anything. Your CPU only needs to have it's multiplier adjusted to overclock, and maybe the voltage a little if you want to go over 4.5ghZ. Use auto on your other settings, and see if that works better.
  2. First try using XMP, and check again with mem test, and if there pops out many errors your ram is faulty. something important to point out do not modify anything else on bios be sure that all is at its default settings. And later if there are not errors try overclocking only your CPU.
  3. The system was overclocked before the upgrade. The XMP setting in bios say enabling the XMP will overclock the system.

    I will try the bios default and see how that works, and mess around with the voltage and that.
  4. Enabled XMP and it fixed the issue! Memtest86 is showing all ok. The settings on cpu-z are identical though so I guess its another deep timing setting that was causing the issues?

    Thanks for the advice Pez :)

  5. Ok, Memtest was all good, and have been gaming away on my system for a week.

    The last two days I got a memory_mangement bsod. Firefox keeps crashing, and im getting CRC failures when trying to unzip stuff. I thought that it might of been a HD problem, but after many HD diag tools it got the all clear. I ran Memtest again and got loads of errors within a minute.

    I upped the voltage to 1.6v from 1.5 and currently running memtest now, 30 minutes in and no errors.

    Should I return the RAM or see if the more voltage makes the ram more stable?

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