Asus p5k fails to turn power on

My p5k fails to switch the PSU on for a long time after mains is turned on. I have changes the PSU and the BIOS battery.
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  1. I had a bad motherboard once that did that same thing. Replacing the board solved the problem.
  2. Gee thanks clutchc, I suppose that after 4.5 years I should be grateful. Can you recommend a current replacement ?

    With everything disconnected except the CPU it now turns on and off for about 10 seconds at a time. It is definitely caused by the board grounding the power-on pin and then letting it float again, during which time the power ok pin is high and all the voltages are correct.

    I can ground the power on pin to keep the psu on, but it doesn't then boot.

    I am sure it is a simple fault, the system ran for 9 hours yesterday just fine, after the delayed start.
  3. If it indeed is the motherboard, finding a replacement LGA 775 board that you can use with your existing memory, CPU/HSF, etc. might be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you are using the x16, x16 SLI your old board provides.
    Your board ( ) may only be available as a used item somewhere.
    Here are some LGA 775 boards available at EBuyer if you're in the UK:
    And some LGA 775 boards available at Newegg if you are in the US:
    But be sure to verify they use DDR2 memory and not DDR3.

    You may have better luck looking for a good used board someplace like eBay. I've always liked Asus, Gigabyte, and Asrock boards, myself.
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