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Hi Guys

I've always had difficulties with cable management in my builds. I currently have Antec 902 housing a Intel core i7 920 socket 1366 motherboard.
I tried my best to make it neat but it still looks rubbish.
I'm thinking of re-sleeving the psu cables. I read various articles on the net and it looks simple, but most of the examples are for modular psu's. My Antec 750w LED is a modular design but it does have built in PSU cables. Has anyone re-sleeved a non-modular PSU? I don't want to open up the PSU. One of my ideas is to braid the cables to the point where the cables come out of the PSU.

And help would be appreciated.
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  1. pin remover

    then tape the ends together so they fit through the sleeve and get some heat shrink tubing for the ends so it doesnt come off... then just put the pins back in (google for power supply pinout pics)
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