Question about the 8 pin on p8p67 deluxe motherboard

Hey I'm in dire need of some assistance please! I'm currently putting together a computer at home for the first time..I'm using a 2500k processor, p8p67 deluxe motherboard, and an ax 750, the box for the psu says that it is 4/8 pin compatible. However, when I try and plug the connector into the motherboard 8 pin connector, only 4 fit in, while the other 4 beside it cannot. I also have a separate cord that came with the psu that has another 4 pins that match the motherboard, but then I would have 2 separate cords running into the motherboard. Am I missing something?

I'm fairly competent and am confident I can do this successfully, however I'm a bit confused with the 8 pin thing. Could I get away with using just 4 pins? Or, do I use the 2 cables I got with the psu to make it 8 pins on the motherboard? I would appreciate some comprehensive, and noob friendly advice...everyones gotta start somewhere, right? :)

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Are you plugging the proper end of the modular psu cable into the psu?
    You should not have to force anything.
    Cables are designed so they will fit only one way properly.
    Unless you are doing heavy overclocking, 4 pins may be sufficient. But, your psu has the required leads, and you should use them.
    Check your psu documentation again.
  2. I'm actually looking at the manual says I have 2 EPS12V CPU Cables (8-oin)..and both cables have the 2 4 pins..but only 1 fits into the 8 pin on the motherboard,,,the other cable has the same 4 pins, but the end that (i assume) goes into the psu has pins that look like it corresponds to the 8 pin on the motherboard, but has 4 pins that wouldnt be inserted into the motherboards 8 pin...
  3. Nothing wrong with using a pair of 4 pin connectors if that is how the psu is designed. That is one way to accomodate motherboards that only need a single 4 pin cpu connector.
  4. hmm..i see..I just find it strange...I've heard some people say that the other pins with the circles can be put into the square shaped holes (with a bit of force) and it works fine..of reluctant to force it in.. if I plug in only 4 pins, 4 are left that alright? This modular psu is very good indeed, I just find it a tad confusing which ends should be inserted..

    like, the 24 pin connector on the motherboard...the ax 750 psu comes with a cable that has one side that has 24 pins (into the motherboard I assume) and the other end has 18 pins, then 8 more beside it? Whats up witht that
  5. disregard the last sentence...I was being a dummy..I had it right the first time..the 8 pin connector had me second guessing myself though with the 24 pin... but if i only need 4 pins into the motherboards 8 pin connector..then ill do that i suppose..if thats right

    2) Your psu should have a normal way of connecting either 4 or 8 pin aux cpu power.
    I would not use only 4 pins since you have 8 pin capability. Your motherboard manual will give you info on when it is possible to use 4.
    Look again, or contact Corsair support.

    3) The main cpu power connector contains 3,5,and 12v power. I assume they have good reasons for separating the source plugs.
    I suspect the reason is the maximum amperage that a single lead should handle.
  7. Yeah I'm looking at both the manuals for the Asus board and corsair shows a diagram to put in either 8 pins, or 4 psu has 8 pins but 4 fits the other 4 don't..why is that? I know I'm making it seem difficult , but I'm really trying not to lol..the ax 750 manual is telling me that if I have an eight pin 12v socket , connect the 8 pin directly into the motherboard..but only 4 pins fit..

    I know I'm gonna be very upset once I figure this out
  8. yeah...i figured it out..but im not was designed for 4+4 to fo inside..i was just reluctant to give it that little "push" to get all 8 inside..thank you for your assistance..I do appreciate you at least trying to deal with me and help me out..bless.
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