So I've chosen my mobo, do you think it's the right choice?

Okay so general build so far is here

and I think the mobo I want is the

P8Z68-V/GEN 3

it seems pretty future proof with a lot of ports... I don't really think I reasonably need or can go up or down in quality than this one?
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  1. Very Good pick. But i think you might be able to find a WD Black 1tb for not much more if you do a little search.
    Also i might go with a 700-750w power supply just because of the cpu you have and assuming you are going to overclock especially with that motherboard + the GFX and overtime that wattage drops, i mean yeah its a corsair but still.
  2. Yeah HD prices are high now :(
    I did a lot of research that kind of pointed to using a lot less than 650 so it seemed reasonable..
  3. My bad, the flood in china i forgot about that.
    Alright then everything works out perfect then. Nice selection
  4. you have a great build. you are fine with a 650 watt PSU. will use much less than that. everything looks great. once the flooding in Thailand is cleaned up, prices on HDD will drop again.

    Any reason you are going for the 2600k over the 2500k? and i'd defiantly add a CPU cooler to the build. check out this cooler

    hyper 212 evo :
  5. Thank you :)

    As I keep researching I realize that things I'm used to being slow are caused more probably from ram and the HDD... not so much the CPU... but right now I do see a lot of times my CPU being maxed out so I kind of just want the best I can get right now.. looking at benchmarks etc I'm impressed it's similar to a CPU that's way more expensive.
    8 virtual cores is pretty neat too..

    I won't be able to fit the 212 but I'm thinking the hyper N520
  6. if for some reason the 212 evo doesn't fit, go with the 212 + which i know fits, as does the V8. why don't you think the 212 evo will not fit? but beyond that, great build, especially love the ssd choice
  7. none of those will fit; I need under 141mm..
    thanks :)
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