Advice on i7 Sandy Bridge Build

Approximate Purchase Date: Sometime after April of this year.

Budget Range: Definitely want to TRY and keep it under 1600, but I am adamant on the i7 processor so will spend a bit more.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Editing (Sony Vegas, AE, etc..), Mild Gaming, Music, General usage..

Parts Not Required: N/a

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences:

Processor: i7-2600k - $329

Motherboard: Not sure because of recall. Need advice and pricing on these if you happen to know (:

Graphics Card: Radeon HD 5830- $174

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB- $99

Hard Drives: 64 GB SSD for boot and 1 TB for storage

SSD: $129

HD: $87

PSU: Corsair 750 - $109

Case: Cooler Master Scout $89

Drive: HP Combo Drive - $89

Not posting the items because they are just preference really but I will post prices because it factors in.
Mouse: $39
Keyboard: $52
Monitor (1080p 21.5 Inches) - $159
Also, I am buying a $99 dollar OEM version of Win7 64 bit...

Overclocking: Yes, just a slight overclock.. maybe 4 Ghz or so...

SLI or Crossfire:
Perhaps in the future...

Monitor Resolution:

I am adamant about an Intel build, so please don't try and sell me an AMD processor lol. I like Intel better, nothing against AMD but Intel has always just felt better to me. My main concern is how much a p67 motherboard will cost... since they are currently unlisted. Anyways, please share your thoughts and also if this is a solid build or not.
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  1. no ones selling p67 boards. gonna have to wait until april.
  2. ^ not to be a complete arse but I did say that I was buying after April lol specifically because of the p67 board recall of which I reference in my post... Though, as they were sold recently I figured that at least someone could give me some price figures on perhaps an Asus IV Maximus or an Asrock p67 extreme...
  3. Asus P8P67 Pro w/ i7-2600k goes for about $490
    GFX - The 5830 is a bit "unbalanced w/ a 2600k. I'd look at the 3500k w/ a 5830, the 2600k kinda belongs w/ a 560 Ti ($250) or 570 ($350)

    RAM - Grab a pair w/o the fancy heat sinks

    SSD - The 120 GB is a bargain at $185 ($230 w/ $20 MIR and $25 promo)

    HD - Seagate 7200.12 or Spinpoint F3 1 TB @ $65

    PSU - Corsair TX is a "good" PSU (8.5 rating), but there are great PSU's at same price. This Core Edition gets a 9.5 rating @ whereas the Black Edition gets a 10.0 rating. Since same price, grab the Black

    XFX Core Edition 750 $90 after $20 MIR

    XFX Black Edition 750 $90 after $20 MIR & $10 Promo

    Case - With HAF-922 at same price after $10 promo, dump the Scout

    CAse and PSU are sized for twin 560's. If ya get a 570, up the PSU size to 850 watts which adds $30
  4. the reasoning behind the 5830 was to give me more performance than a 5770 without having to spend a ton more since gaming is not the forefront of this computers design. Judging by reviews I have read the 5830 performs well (though not the best or the worst) with games and is at a decent price figure regardless of the CPU/GPU pairing. Perhaps explain more about the unbalanced nature of it? lol thanks for the responses though, will be revising the build once more input has been given.
  5. bump?
  6. The GTX460 is a better choice than the 5830 for around the same money.
  7. lol call me an ATI fanboy but I personally like ATI better... preference I suppose...
  8. MjoLniRXx said:
    lol call me an ATI fanboy but I personally like ATI better... preference I suppose...

    Then go for a HD6850 or better yet a HD6870.
  9. What about the 5850? In my reading, it seems to perform better than a 6850..
  10. 5850 is better than a 6850 but worse than a 6870. Confusing I know. Here is the chart.,2857-7.html
  11. based on price and the fact that gaming isn't the 1st priority of this system, I am going to go with the 5850...
  12. It's a good card that is fine for most games at 1920 x 1080. You should be happy with it.
  13. does anybody have a price figure for the p67 motherboards?
  14. $125 or so up to over $600 just like the motherboards for any Intel chip.
  15. lol good point... perhaps more specifically what does the asus brand run? or the ROG from asus...
  16. Here is a good article comparing budget boards:,2837.html

    Edit: I posted same link earlier sorry. I believe the board you are talking about is at the ~$250 level.
  17. One of the most important imo in a new build is a good case...What i mean is a solid alluminum case like Lian-li or something...I got the Lian-li 7FNW case and omg i love it, it's all aluminum light weight and the structure and build quality of the case is amazing...Also you should get a modular pwr supply...You have time though like building a new pc also but i have to wait till April :(...Also check to see if you have a microcenter near by your home they have the i5 and i7's cheaper then newegg...
  18. I selected the XFX Black so it's modular and at ~250 seems to be what I was figuring.. that will probably be the motherboard I go with since the ivy bridge processors are also supposed to be 1155... quality parts for quality performance (: and I am somewhat a stickler since I don't want a mobo that doesn't match my red and black layout :/ lol and I have no microcenter near me ha. smallllllll town...
  19. MjoLniRXx said:
    I go with since the ivy bridge processors are also supposed to be 1155... quality parts for quality performance (: .

    "Ivy Bridge is the codename given to the 22 nm die shrink of the Sandy Bridge architecture. During the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) on September 13, 2010, Intel's CEO Paul Otellini mentioned that Ivy Bridge processors may be introduced as early as in the second half of 2011. According to early roadmap details, Intel is estimating that Ivy Bridge will offer a 20 percent CPU performance advantage over Sandy Bridge.
    On the graphics side, there will be support for DirectX 11 and OpenCL 1.1, and Intel is targeting a 30 percent graphics performance and 20 percent overall performance boost compared to Sandy Bridge. It seems that Ivy Bridge might get 16 EUs. It will retain its 67-series chipset compatibility, but Intel will release its Panther Point (native USB 3.0 support) chipset to complement with it.
    Intel has completed designing Ivy Bridge processors and is planning to showcase them during Computex Taiwan 2011 in June. However, the processors might not come out until 2012."

    Ivy would be ideal, but according to this we might have to wait. :bounce:
    Other than ivy which its release date is up in the air,
    Intel should be releasing the i7-990x in the summer, which isn't gonna be worth it,
    and is pushing back the release date of Socket 2011 to Q4

    EDIT: also the 6850 will Scale better than a 5850 in XFire
  20. so I gave my budget some breathing room and I think I have filled out my build with this:

    Case - $131 all together

    Cooler Master 690 II Advanced w/ a glass panel side and a red fan to replace the front blue 140mm

    Motherboard - $260 I'm told..

    Asus ROG IV Maximus

    GFX -$234

    XFX Radeon 6950 1GB

    PSU - $129

    Corair 750HX Modular

    SSD - $129

    Patriot Inferno 60GB
  21. MjoLniRXx said:
    so I gave my budget some breathing room and I think I have filled out my build with this:

    Case - $131 all together

    Cooler Master 690 II Advanced w/ a glass panel side and a red fan to replace the front blue 140mm

    Motherboard - $260 I'm told..

    Asus ROG IV Maximus

    GFX -$234

    XFX Radeon 6950 1GB

    PSU - $129

    Corair 750HX Modular

    SSD - $129

    Patriot Inferno 60GB

    Why switch away from the XFX 750w?

    and i'd go with a GTX 560Ti instead of the 6950 1GB
    There are about 2-4 Factory OC'd 560's that perform better or on par with a GTX 570, which performs better than a 6950 2GB.
  22. Just been reading through reviews on both PSUs.... and I'm keeping the radeon because I personally prefer AMD over NVidia... lol should still be a solid build yes?

    and purely aesthetically the radioactive green of the xfx clashes with my red and black color scheme... though one could argue the blue HX isn't much better lol..

    *EDIT of an EDIT*
    the core edition of the XFX is solid black and I like it very much EXCEPT that it isn't modular... is modular really all its made out to be? or would using a couple of ties for the extra cables be worth paying less?
  23. Is there no use for NVIDIA CUDA in Sony Vegas or your other programs?
  24. probably lol i suppose I shall check out the NVidia offerings... I just have always preferred AMD (ATI) in the past so if it isn't broken, don't fix it (:
  25. I just googled it and it seems like there are CUDA-enhanced features in Vegas 10. You would have to look and see exactly how much these features affect your work specifically, but it's definitely worth researching.
  26. I only have Vegas 9 so I'm not sure if there is much advantage to be
  27. The ASUS mobo is 10.6 instead o 9.6.... will the screw holes still line up? and will the case be able to support its extra length?
  28. AE Cs4 and higher also shows render gains from CUDA
  29. Will take the gfx card advice under consideration... anyone know about the motherboard? it's 12 x 10.6 however ATX is 12 x 9.6... enough room?
  30. after scouring the 27 pages of reviews on newegg of the CM 690 II Advanced it seems that this will fit because ONE person out of 27 pages had an ASUS ROG Rampage III Extreme (I believe) which has the same 12 x 10.6 dimensions.. and EATX is 12 x 13 which is why I was curious as to this board because CM 690 II can hold GFX cards up to 11.96 inches so it appears in terms of pure space, the motherboard will fit. I am hoping the screw holes line up...
  31. nobody knows? ): lol does anyone have a ROG Rampage III Extreme in this case? or know of anyone? or does anyone know if 12x10.6 will fit?
  32. Just finishing looking and found this, ROG Rampage III Extreme
    "This motherboard isn't made for cases"
    don't think it'll fit unless your case supports extended ATX mobo's like the EVGA overpriced blah blah FTW board.

    Also found this motherboard, ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional

    Red & Black, will definitely be cheaper than the ASUS board
    In my opinion i think the ASRock is better

    and just checked
    ROG IV Maximus $350
    Fatal1ty P67 Professional $226

    Fatal1ty > Maximus

    I also still strongly Recommend One of the Factory OC'd GTX 560 Ti's for a GPU over 6870 or 6950 1gb

    To answer the Modular Question you had Modular vs Non-Modular
    Which one would you prefer in your case?
    Semi-Modular Left Non-Modular Right
    If it's my build? i ALWAYS choose modular.
    Helps with the cooling.

    Do you plan on taking pics of this build once you have everything assembled?
    ie when they finally start selling the new mobos again?
    (Should also note that the Cougar Point problem was fixed a week ago, and we still can't purchase the motherboards yet :pfff: )
    would love to see how the red and black layout comes out :D
  33. Yeah, I may post the build or youtube it or something like that...

    I found 2 people that had 12 x 10.6 boards that fit the case, and WOW the asus board is 350? D: Definitely out then unless they release a formula version or lower the price... The reason for not going modular was simply price... Kind of bummed about the ASUS board being so high, hopefully the price will drop by the end of april...
  34. honestly wouldn't hold my breath to the Asus board dropping in price theres a small possibility, but wouldn't think they'd do it. Mainly because ASRock is a subsidiary of ASUS if they wanna make a cheaper version of something they do it through them.
    ie: ROG IV Maximus & the Fatal1ty P67 Professional

    ex: The Asus ROG Rampage III Extreme came out somewhere around 7-8 months ago,
    it's starting price was $380, today it's $380.
  35. yeah, I was planning on building a PC a little over a year ago and the ROG boards really caught my eye.. bleh perhaps they will release a formula version (: But if one still isn't out around the time of my build it looks like the ASRock will be taking my motherboard slot lol
  36. I have been doing some reading and it seems that there has been some extreme speculation about a ROG Maximus IV Formula at around 250... since they have done it with their previous line... I am hoping that comes out in the next 2 months once the fixed p67 boards start to ship again...
  37. thats quite the possibility, but it would seem kinda soon to do that

    Just found this solid black modular psu from silver stone
    Same price as the XFX 750w Modular.

    heres a review from johnnyGURU (The king of PSU Reviews)
    Silverstone Strider Plus 750W
    go to page 5 of the review for the final score
  38. Ah, I will have to read up on this one... definitely a candidate... I won't be buying the actual components until the end of April or mid-May so HOPEFULLY there will at least be an official announcement on the motherboard side of things... if a maximus formula comes out, I will probably wait for that... sort of silly but I have been wanting an ROG board since I have been interested in building a pc lol
  39. yeah i know what you mean, the colors and all the features just look so awesome :D
  40. You might want to go with a larger SSD. Windows 7 is like 20 gigs by itself, and say each game is around 10 gigs, with Adobe CS5 at around 5 gigs (dunno if you use CS5 or not, just an example), you start running out of room fast. 120gb is the usual recommendation.
  41. I have been giving that some thought I suppose I shall look around at prices. Also, I may go with a Blue/Black build and get the ASUS P67 line of boards that are blue.. they have good reviews on them
  42. Windows - 20 GB

    60 - 20 = 40 GB

    The size of my "Program Files" folder - 7.5 GB

    40 - 7.5 = 32.5 GB

    32.5 GB free based on my current computer (program files is where programs are stored yes? I think? lol) and I have everything that I ever use installed on this computer... and with my 7200 RPM drive for mass storage, I think it's okay. Yeah?
  43. So, I have been reading a bunch on GFX cards... and I have it down to these two and its between Nvidia and AMD lol



    basically the same price... so which one should I get? From reviews I have read, the Radeon is a bit more powerful... so I'm undecided because both look awesome lol the ASUS would match my board but so would the radeon (: so what do you guys think?
  44. Sorry for interrupting but why no one is selling p67 motherboards .?
  45. fault in the chipset so they had a recall.. new boards will be shipping sometime near the end of April to my understanding.
  46. My 2600k bridge is in my signature and it's stable at 4.7ghz and I have no complaints at all about it! It is beasting through hardcore gaming and also HD video editing. I spent roughly around $1000 give or take $100
  47. Get the GTX 560 Ti
    This one specifically

    if GPU must be red and black grab the ASUS Card,

    560 offers more for the cash,
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