NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT 1GB Video Card Low profile SLIM

This looks like it would fit in our dell inspiron 530s. But my guess that since it is a stock computer with a 250 watt power supply, I would need to upgrade the power supply for a card like this. And maybe I should just forget it altogether. At a minimum, I would like to run a standard vga monitor as well as the hd tv that is now showing hulu pretty well already with a 25' rgb-pc cord - all zip tied nice and tidy. I just don't like craning my neck to see what is going on - on the tv screen. We already made room for the old computer monitor next to the ol' computer set-up. And there it sits doin nuthun. Maybe the smarter (cheaper) thing would be to just get a vga splitter. But for some reason, I think that having the hdmi and better graphics processor would be a nice capability to have. Maybe my husband would enjoy some gaming :whistle: Or maybe I'm lucky he is not into gaming - and smarter to keep him from wanting to do that :hello:
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  1. There's a very good chance that the GeForce 9500 GT will run fine without doing a power supply upgrade.
  2. Hello, i have the same computer and one month ago installed a low profile Asus EAH5570 Series, (about double passmark points than 9500 gt) and its working perfect. Its the best low profile i can find and dont need extra power.
  3. Yes, the best card you can use on 250W PSU is HD5570 low profile (single slot). It should fit into most slim PC.
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