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Memory Upgrade

Just a couple of questions for y'all.

I want to upgrade my ram from 6gb to 12gb but i'm not sure if this is a good idea.

Right now I's using a 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) OCZ platinum ddr3 1600 MHz kit on a EVGA 3xsli e758. There are six slots so I assume it would be fine to thrown in 3 more sticks.

Q1: Would this be worth it to throw in 6 (3x2) more gigs?

Q2: Would it be okay(compatable etc.) to thrown in

I've already searched for threads like this before but they seem to be more on a memory/mb basis instead of a overall answer.

Specs on the OCZ:
1600MHz DDR3
1.65 volts

Specs on the Corsairs:
DDR3 1600
CL 8-8-8-24

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  1. As to whether the extra ram will help you, only you can answer that. Does your memory show that it's being all used? Do you have delays while windows is writing to the swapfile? If so, then the extra ram can help. If not, then the extra ram won't do anything for you. As to the memory itself, that's not a good match. You w3ant an exact match to your original memory.
  2. They will be compatible together and compatible on the mobo all together.

    But a better Idea would be to get rid of those 2Gb Modules all together and go for 3X4GB Modules at 1.5V.
    Something like this

    CAS for these modules is 9 but the lower CAS models work out nearly at two times the price.
  3. And they cost the same as the ones you quoted for twice the amount of RAM. 70$
    It's pretty logical, 70$ for 3 X 2GB of RAM or
    70$ for 3 X 4GB of RAM......

    RAM........... is like something else in this world, enough is never enough. It's always great to have lots and lots of RAM, the more the merrier. And especially if it could be squeezed into a tight budget, every Bit of RAM is worth the Cent you spend on it, it's like collecting a dollar with the help of Cents everyday..... as kids, it's like a piggy bank..... so yes , it's worth it.... and if you get a good price for the 3 x 2GB modules you could opt for another 3 X 4GB same kit and make it 24GB of RAM, enough to last you 5 Years.....more.....
  4. Thanks for the replies!

    Well first off while it might be a good idea to get the 3x4 gb there are actually 2 reasons why I'm not.

    1) i got a 30$ deal for the 3x2 gb sticks

    2) I'm only looking for an upgrade not a replacement.

    Also I'm mainly looking for an answer of if it's possible/efficient instead of suggestions to go with a different setup. I'll be sure to keep buying a 3x4 setup in mind though. Didn't think you could find them that cheap.
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    It's like Pot Luck, when you try mixing RAMs.... especially sets, that why the suggestion.

    An upgrade could mean anything...... :) adding more stuff in the rig is increasing it's capacity and not upgrading, removing stuff holding you back from further upgrades and replacing it with more compatible stuff is upgrading actually ( In short- increasing it's life with time)

    Like I said it's possible , like pot luck, and, efficient, only if you plan on utilizing that big an amount of RAM , other wise 6-8 GB usually is efficient enough for half the world.
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