Did I install this Intel CPU correctly? As in match the pins correctly

The link to the picture is at the very bottom.

Sorry to ask here. But I asked here because I did not see another triangle to match the sockets. I wanna be 100 percent sure before I hook everything up and turn on this computer.

This is an old Dell Dimension E510, with a Pentium D 775 socket.

The picture is below. I think it is on correctly because the processor's corner with the triangle is with the socket corner that has a cut off corner. I just thought that made sense. But I am not entirely sure. I made a foolish mistake to not take a look at the processor inside before this one.

This is my first time dealing with a CPU take it easy on me please.

Of course I know I have to put the thermal compound on and than the heat sink back.
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    Looks fine to me...that's the cutoff corner. You need to do something about all that dust though, preferably before seating the cpu. Use some compressed air.
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