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GA-Z68P-DS3 sound problem

so i built a computer, this one being my 5 or 6th build not sure.basically the problem is when i'm playing a game like league of legends or WoW or Swtor or even just listening to music on youtube, the sound would hit a certain volume in a certain way like say i jump into a battle in LoL, my screen would literally freeze for a fraction of a second. its noticeable and annoying, but only happen like once every 20 to 30 mins, its just annoying but not game breaking or anything. the computer runs fine too. the temps are normal at 100% load like around 60 C for the graphics card(using gtx 580. around 45 with a gts 450) and 60C for the processor (stock cooling) checked with both msi afterburner and cpuid HWMonitor, the temps are the same on both software for the graphics card.

anyways i have tendency to jury rig most of stuff and make it work no matter what the issue is. this one i can't seem to figure out. i have tried 3 power different supplies 1000/600/430watts, 3 different graphics cards(2 nvidia gtx 580, gts 450 / 1 intel hd 3000 integrated), i've replaced the ram with different sticks from a working machine, i loaded the optimized defaults or whatever its called in the bios (i haven't tried updating it, but i'd rather not. i'm more of hardware guy not software, i know ill probably mess that up.)
latest drivers are installed/ tested older ones too.

weird thing is that netflix is fine, i can watch netflix for hours, not a single sound glitch, just happens with music and games. <---- i tend to do both at once

so just to recap:
not the ram
not the drivers
not the power supply
not the bios settings
not the graphics card
and not the temperature of cpu/gpu
hard drives work ok too

but something to do with the onboard sound, i get good sound no problem, just that fraction of second where it freezes, almost like a little bug in the system. but definitely not the a virus i tested scanning with AVG, microsoft security essentials, malwarebytes pro, and mcafee internet security(came free from my isp) they came up with nothing except tracking cookies.

original system specs system specs:
8gb of ram
ssd, and 1 hdd
core i7 2700k
gtx 580
1000 watt antec power supply

power supplys used antec 1000, corsair 650, thermaltake 430 watt when using the gts 450 and integrated card.

lastly i apologize for any typos

thanks for any help you can provide
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  1. From my understanding, it maybe the way the game Audio output is set and the way the Music Playback is setup.
    For instance, I play NSF with the Audio set up to play the effects at 5.1 HD Audio but my VLC player is configured to play music in Stereo 2 front and 2 Rear...
    Thus I get a break at different time periods irrelevant of what may be on, temps, voltages etc etc.
    It's like the Buffer Overflow error from way back XP times, when the rig could not compute too many instructions at an instance, since hardware has learnt to queue up stuff, this no leads to a second of freezing up while flushing the queue instead of the old Buffer Overflow Error and systems halt.

    Onboard Audio is good for single streams of flowing data, I'm not saying it not good for 2 streams of data, but, it gets pretty loaded when you use it fro multiple sound streams, putting a lot of pressure on the measly chip onboard.
    Basically, it's not meant to do too much work usually just encoding and decoding a single stream of audio to a x.x channel speaker system.
  2. that may be the answer, because when i'm not listening to music i'm on skype talking and playing with friends, i also have it setup in the audio manager for multistreaming, like 2 different speaker outputs(speaker 1 and speaker 2), but i don't use it. i just play it all through my headset, i also have an optical cable leading to a receiver with 5.1 surround sound. but i also haven't been using that either. looking at my sound manager there are 5 different playback devices, except for the hdmi leading from my gtx 580 to my 3dtv for 3d vision, all 4 are from the onboard sound.

    so what would you suggest i should do?

    the realtek audio is an ALC889

    and thanks in advance
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    Either get a a good sound card :) or then start doing (listening) to only one thing at a time.... that would be the best option, because , listening to more then one thing at a time is usually called noise.....
    But to enjoy every sound from a good sound card like a Xonar is really a world of it's own.....
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  5. thanks :)
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