New build for 1200 dollars

I have an asus g73 thats a week old and is going back to best buy on monday. It has keyboard issues. After trying to solve them I've found that its a common issue. So rather than exchange it, I'm going to return it and build a desktop. I use it mostly at the desk anyway.
so, for the price of the laptop, 1200 plus tax. I want to build a desktop with similar or better performance. It is an i7, 6gb ram, ati mobility hd5870
Approximate Purchase Date: within 2 weeks

Budget Range: 1200
Before Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, adobe illustrator, autodesk sketchpad, movies office, web surfing

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: have had good luck with newegg but will consider others

Country of Origin: US

Parts Preferences: I don't have a brand preference, I'm more concerned with performance/reliability/price ratio

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: don't have it yet

Additional Comments: I have access to an asus v228 that I would like to use as a second monitor. I need to figure a main monitor into the budget and a cards for both monitors. I prefer a larger case, the bigger the better actually.
I like driving games and want to be able to play need for speed shift, shift 2, hot pursuit. oblivion, skyrim, diablo 3. dirt 2
the better the details the happier I will be
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  1. thanks for the links. its hard to search on my phone, lol
    and unfortunately I can't wait till april. I need the puter for school
  2. are these parts good choices? do I need to go lower on certain things and spend more on others? do I need to start over completely?
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    Budget cooler:
    Hard Drive:
    I love this PSU, may be too expensive, but I think the price is right.

    Review from Johnny Guru, he tests PSUs and grades really hard, loves the XFX and it's been like butter since I bought it

    The 6850 is a good choice, many different companies with different fan choices, I have the Gigabyte with dual fans, pick your poison.

    The x6 isn't necessary unless you're doing heavy tasks, such as video encoding or such. Still a nice processor. I'd go with a 965 and save yourself some cash since Bulldozer will release and you can upgrade a new mobo and processor later on in the year.

    Depending on ram needs you probably won't need more than 8gb. Post what you'll be using it for.

    As for motherboards the 890fx mobos usually have the most bells and whistles, are you looking to crossfire? Take a look at these and see if you like them. I'm sure someone else can suggest a good board.

    As for case, if you look hard enough the NZXT phantom can be had for that range, I've got one in white and it's great. Antec cases are great, as well as cooler master and thermaltake.
  4. thanks again H.
    I will be using it mostly for driving games, as well as playing gta and elder scrolls.
    will also be doing multi track audio recording, processing, and editing. Illustrations, gif creation, animation.
    and the basics of course
  5. heres the board I'm going to get unless there anyone thinks its a bad idea
  6. That's a good board, just know a few here and there can be defective, if you read the NewEgg reviews. MSI will replace it though and only a few people have received a bad board.

    This board is solid at a couple more bucks.

    Of course if you don't mind open box, this is a great deal as well
  7. if I can shave 15 bucks off somewhere else, I'll go for that board.
    I've decided on the HAF 932 for the case. I've got enough in the bank to order it now. The rest will have to wait until the best buy money goes back on my card. I'm returning the laptop tomorrow. So, that will give me time to paint the inside of the case. Now I have to decide whether I"m going with black or something else... Not to mention, the military look of the 932 is almost begging for an olive drab paint job :\ oh decisions decisions, LOL
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  9. I got it all up and running and so far I love it.
    I went with a haf 932 painted ultra flat olive.
    the asrock mobo suggested above, the gigabyte 1gb dual fan graphics card. the suggested cpu and cooler, well, actually everything that was suggested except for the case. I'm using a logitech trackman marble and a logitech g13 game board. and currently running through a pair of Asus led monitors, a 22 and a 24. Also picked up a wacom intuos 4 graphics tablet and a set of logitech x-540 speakers. all said and done I've got about 1500 into it, but that includes the monitors, speakers, and the graphics tablet, so I'm doing ok.
    Thanks a million :]
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